“Broad language gives shape to thought” – Lavocedigenova.it

“Broad language gives shape to thought” – Lavocedigenova.it

Name the variety correctly to make it an active part ofshared identity It is a necessity of contemporary society.

This leads to aLanguage Evolution Necessary and able to give shape to thought and identity to the society itself which, as today, sees and uses words as an essential element to create a welcoming reality for all.

Broad languages ​​and inclusion were discussed during the meeting with sociolinguist and publisher Vera Gino.

organized by Verones Foundationi, which at the Science for Peace and Healt conference on November 11 will accurately address the relationship between sexual and gender differences and their impact on the social level, the meeting held as part of the Science Festival saw the protagonist Gheno with Claudia Bianchi for an intervention based on science, language and diversity managed by Alessandro Volpi.

What is the relationship between language and inclusion? – Gino starts – In fact, there are many connections also because with language we are not only talking about language, that is, the words we use, but also in general body language, the positions we take in space which in turn can be its object of interest in the comparisons of others and thus inclusion.

Before proceeding to better define this question, I want to make a lexical note.

I tend not to talk about inclusion as much as I do not talk about inclusive language because, starting with the reflection of Fabrizio Acanfora, a scholar of diversity and inclusion, we have come to say that in fact it is not enough to be inclusive because inclusion persists in the presupposition that someone has the power to include And someone who is included and thus suffers in some way from totalitarianism, the agency is taken away from him.

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Who are covered? They are different.

Who are they including? It’s normal, putting 57 quotes around the natural definition, because obviously normality is a very random thing.

Who decides who is normal and who is different?

The mores have power over the different, at this moment, in our society, which is patriarchal, centered, and above all with the myth of the ordinary, i.e., rule-centric.”

How do you avoid differences? Gino again explains:T.Decorate the question So how do you replace inclusivity and inclusion? Fabrizio and I use the coexistence of differences rather than inclusiveness, inclusion, and broad language rather than universal language.

Since language is part of the consequences of things, it also gives shape to our thinking, and, if used well, can help us see things differently.

Usually in a company dependent on Logoslike us, i.e. based on a wordAnd this is what Di Mauro said even before he said it AristotleSo I don’t invent anything, who doesn’t have the words to define himself Half is thereFor if the center, the glue of our society, is the word, then whoever is not named does not mean that he does not exist, but at least he is seen less.

Then by naming people and phenomena correctly we can ensure that these people become social beings, and become a full part of society. So it is important to label the variety well. The best way to do that is to listen to him.

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We will continue to make mistakes because we cannot know everything, and thank God I would also say, what is important is knowing the limits. The famous science of ignorance. Today I quote from all the philosophers If we have any doubts, we can always ask the interested directly or *dirett *interessat*, so that I may discover that blind people want to be called blind, not blind, and that a disabled person does not want to be called disabled .

I can do the same with all the many types of people out there in the world.”

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