Hello Darwin, a storm against the authors of Paolo Bonolis: “Everything is wrong”

Hello Darwin, a storm against the authors of Paolo Bonolis: “Everything is wrong”

The next version of Hi Darwin raises doubts among fans of the Canale 5 program. The advance came from the historical author of the format, Marco SalvatiWho revealed how he hosts the show’s viewers Paul Bonolis They will experience profound changes.

Salvati predicted how the audience would be divided into three segments: men, women and “Rainbow”. In short, in the third sector all those who They also want to side with same-sex competitors. But this division did not satisfy the people of Twitter, who criticized the production.

According to users, there will be confusion between gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. from a broadcast More offensive and discriminatory than Italian television I didn’t expect anything different. Everything is wrong with this sentence,” one user thundered for example.

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But the choice does not satisfy even the show’s traditionalists, who describe it as a bend to “politically correctAt that point, Salvati questioned himself JayHe explained the options in detail: “Who feels like staying there, in this sector, Because he feels free to do whatever he wants… So women who want to applaud the beautiful female body can do so now. And the same for a man who wants to do it for the sake of a beautiful man’s body. If you don’t want to identify with any specific sexuality then go out there and root for who you want. We hail, yell, yell… We came up with this idea a little late but we’ve been on the air every four years! Like the Olympic Games! He concluded. Is the controversy over? Who knows.

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