Mauro Corona: “Pier Silvio and I…”, Berlinger angry: Living frozen

Mauro Corona: “Pier Silvio and I…”, Berlinger angry: Living frozen

awkward moments whenIt’s always a blank sheet of paper“, on Riti 4, with Bianca Berlinger Who scolds? Mauro Corona For an inappropriate revelation, all within the corridors Mediaset. In the Tuesday 28 November episode of Rete 4, it all starts with the usual communication problems with the mountaineering writer, broadcasting from his home in Erto, in the Dolomites. “It was going badly opinion“But in Mediaset it’s worse,” says the presenter, scolding the program’s technicians.

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At this point, Corona clearly leaks confidential information: “On the 30th I will go to Pier Silvio and tell him…” says the writer, who leaves Bianchina in shock. The revelation appears to be linked to the tensions that Corona condemned in the same study in mid-October, when he said: “My participation in È semper Carta bianca is in danger. I appeal to Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Marina Berlusconi“, raising the possibility of abandoning the show on which he is a regular guest. “It’s something that has nothing to do with this situation. There has been something that has not been right at Mondadori and Mediaset for a long time, and I would like to bring Marina and Pier Silvio Berlusconi closer. He said: “I tried in every way, and I would like to address those close to them.” It is explained in the following episodes that the “ultimatum” has been raised. Perhaps Corona was referring to this by revealing its date. Meeting with Berlusconi, example from Mediaset.

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“But it is Corona A Hummus in the mouth He doesn’t know how to hold it,” Berlinguer rebukes him. A Roman expression that the mountain writer did not immediately understand: “Humsa? I made a complete mistake and was about to attack her,” Corona answers, getting out of an awkward situation.

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