Fabio Fazio towards Discovery, the countdown begins

Fabio Fazio towards Discovery, the countdown begins

future from Fabio Fazio It could have already been written and it would not have been in Rai. The contract that bound him to Viale Mazzini for another three years was not renewed, and no one would ever appear again. The most believable rumor, which many take for granted, is that the conductor of the orchestra arrives at Discovery, where he actually works as director. Beppe helmet he brought Maurice Cruz And where the comedian continued to sneer with him cross brothers. Switching to Discovery would be a huge loss for Ray.

An interesting change of host what’s the weather like, after 40 years of working in Rai (he would celebrate it in October). Meloni’s government had promised to change public television, management and a number of conductors. Fazio was the first to end up in the crossfire, despite the success of the programme, the distinguished guests and the quality of the show. But why eliminate Fazio? The part about the current affair in which guest journalists discussed government choices, rights, the tragedy of immigration and war could have been deeply disturbing. But distorting the program, rendering only part of the display, cannot be a viable option. Fazio’s contract will remain valid for several months.

At that point, it was understood that there were no outlets. But the public service revolution concerns not only Rai 3, and Fazio’s fate. For weeks, there have been rumors about a change of guard also in Rai 1, with the arrival of Benu I study In a place Flavio Incina In the pre-evening band, Strategy. The Sanremo Festival has also been targeted. FiorelloWith irony, he begins his campaign on defense Amadeus, which has built record releases in the past three years, from all points of view. Music quality and ratings, the young audience is back in front of the TV. In 2024, according to the armored contract signed with the former CEO Carlo Fortes He will remain the technical director and captain. But there has been speculation that in order to “normalize” the show, someone may have stuck their nose in the art direction. Amadeus you won’t allow it, the complete package.

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