“I fell in love with a 50-year-old man,” Al Bano’s daughter shocks everyone: he is very famous

“I fell in love with a 50-year-old man,” Al Bano’s daughter shocks everyone: he is very famous

The scene unfolds for the young Romina Carisi, daughter of Al Bano who completely loses her temper to a man much older than her. The news leaves everyone speechless: that’s what it really is.

Daughter of Albano – BedQuotidiano.it

Lately, those who are a part of the entertainment world find themselves having to justify every simple move in a totally exaggerated way. Gossip comes first thanks to the use of new social platforms. For example, someone like her, the daughter of parents who wrote the history of music, finds herself in the heart of gossip without even wanting to. This time though This is by no means just gossipCurrently, what attracts the public’s attention most is his love life.

It is now common to find a soul mate without taking into account many criteria that in recent years have set an unsurpassable limit. In fact, the current relationships are very different, datingIt is in no way restricted to persons of their age On the contrary, they raise the prospects of several generations.

Romina Carisi
Romina Carisi – BedQuotidiano.it

It was she who discovered these new barriers, who in fact decided to embark on a relationship with a very famous man but years older than her. So let’s see in detail who they are and how long their love affair lasts.

Romina, daughter of Al Bano, falls madly in love with a man much older than her: we all know him

In the past few days, a conversation started based initially on simple assumptions. Get a foothold in the world of gossip. But in the past few hours, what should have been just the fruit of the imagination of many has turned out to be a reality. For beginners cAbout 4 days ago, the birthday celebrations for the daughter of Al Bano were held. The girl decided to invite her loved ones, including her parents.

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Romina Carisi's boyfriend
Boyfriend Romina Carisi – BedQuotidiano.it

Obviously, the guests were delighted with the girl’s father’s singing, because he is one of the most famous singers in Italy. When the dances began, everyone present decided to dance around the birthday girl. However, she let the latter drift away from the sweet tones and arms of her man. We’re talking about Stefano Rastelli, from She is 51 years old while she is only 35 years old. Despite such a large age difference, the two seem quite harmonious and are very happy to be next to each other.

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