Artistic Culture Festival STEM and Women: Science and Competence. General and specific experiences – University of Ferrara

to Tenth edition of Technical Culture Festivalthe Ferrara TechnopolIn cooperation with The only guarantee committee of the University of FerraraOrganizing the meeting STEM and Women: Science and Competence. Public and private experiences.

The initiative focuses on Goal 10 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular on how technology, science and, more generally, knowledge embedded in the knowledge and skills system can contribute to reducing inequality.

The meeting aims to stimulate reflection on the gender gap with a focus on STEM disciplines, on inequality in the professional field and on opportunities and ongoing signs of change.


10.30 am – Corporate greeting

  • Enrico Bracci – Vice Rector Delegate for the Third Mission, University of Ferrara
  • Roberta Russo – Chair of the Individual Guarantee Committee at the University of Ferrara


  • Tamara Zapatera – Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – University of Ferrara

11.00 am – They prepare their testimony

  • Paola Ferlecchi – Department of Engineering – Terra&Acqua Tech Laboratory, University of Ferrara
  • Annalisa Fortini – Department of Engineering – Mishlaf Laboratory, University of Ferrara
  • Myriam Sarro – CEO of MiDo srl for smart water metering systems

11.45am – Speakers

Discrimination and inequality in the labor market. Economists’ point of view

  • Davide Antonioli – Department of Economics and Management – TechniHub Laboratory, University of Ferrara

Hira Group’s commitment to reducing gender gaps

  • Alessandra Galeotti – Hera Collection

12.15 noon – Discussion and conclusion of proceedings

How to participate

Registrations are closed due to the maximum number of places available

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Useful materials

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