“Did she abandon her children?”: Belén Rodriguez is severely accused | Where are his children?

“Did she abandon her children?”: Belén Rodriguez is severely accused |  Where are his children?
Thoughtful Belén Rodriguez (Instagram) – Belligea.it

Belén Rodriguez has been severely criticized for her gesture: users have unleashed against the Argentine showgirl, and we understand why.

The new season began on Tuesday, October 3 Hyenasprogram Italy 1 Which brings services of different origins to the homes of Italians, from politics to news, and even crime and unsolved cases, which journalists try to investigate and get to the bottom of them. An absolute novelty this year, an absence Belen Rodriguezwhich was replaced by Veronica Gentile.

In one of her interviews, the latter mentioned that she was a little afraid of being compared to the Argentine showgirl, but then she said that she was convinced of her professionalism and abilities. Regarding the comparison with Belén, Veronica stated: “It would be like putting a Florentine steak and pasta with tomato sauce in competition.” but Hyenas It’s not the only program that has seen Rodriguez absent this year.

In fact, the announcer isn’t even there You deserve it Hence it seems that she has taken a final break from and off screens. In fact, Belén seems to be disappear Also from social media. He hasn’t posted any kind of post for about a week not even a shadow of Instagram stories. What happened to the beautiful Argentine? There have been a lot of rumors swirling around her lately, and some people are attacking her harshly Accusations.

Belin leaves Milan

Rodriguez decided to make a change in her life, so she decided to change the scenery and Leaving Milan. Now it is a fixed pair with Elio Lorenzoni It was precisely for his sake that he chose to go and live there Brescia. Anyone lately has realized that Belen is not at her best. The woman had lost weight and her mood was not the best. The former also confirmed this Fabrizio CoronaDuring his interview with Sunday in. On this occasion, the former king of photographers said: “Belen is not feeling wellBut he can definitely recover.”

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For this reason, the woman preferred to move to Brescia to find serenity again. After breaking up with Stefano Di Martino And the changes that occurred in the workplace, Rodriguez must have felt overwhelmed. But thanks to Elio, the broadcaster is trying to get her life back together.

Belen Rodriguez and her new boyfriend Elio Lorenzoni
Belén Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni (Instagram) – Belligea.it

The case of Belen and the children

As mentioned TgCom24Belén had left Milan, while I children They will still be in town. We remember this from his marriage to Di Martino Santiagowhile from the relationship with Antonino Spinalbez I was born Luna Marie. After the news spread on the Internet, there was no shortage of harsh criticism and insults from the most sensitive fans. Someone even wrote: “He abandoned his children“.

It is impossible to give credence to some of the defamatory accusations directed at the showgirl, who may be going through a really complicated period. About this, Cecilia She shows great closeness to her older sister and works hard to make sure that the showgirl is able to overcome difficulties and shine like she did before.

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