Flashing lights are prohibited on the road: if you overtake while driving, the fine is 173 euros

Flashing lights are prohibited on the road: if you overtake while driving, the fine is 173 euros
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When driving, especially at night, it is necessary to take extra precautions for obvious reasons related to visibility. Especially when it comes to using headlights, obviously. Be careful how you use them: the fine is very high in some cases.

Use i Headlights it is necessary, Abuse it And mistake, Being a repeat offender is instead “satanic.” We can summarize the matter like this, albeit with some exaggeration: but this is the meaning. So yesI’m wrong, On the road, yes Pay Always a duty.

In this case we are talking about the way they go Uses the Headlights from U.S car, They are certainly very useful and essential tools, but there are some nonetheless Precise rules.

First of all, there are specific practices and rules that refer to various types to headlights, Of those positionsorNor for them Dazzling And low beam, Without forgetting the famous Fog lights. Then the timing and so on.

Headlights are often required even during the day, in the event of a strong impact bad weather And based on Situations Where visibility is very limited. Which really shouldn’t be done, except in a few cases sporadic cases, However, it is something completely different. That’s by saying?

Using car headlights: Not this way

We’re talking about the famous habit that many (perhaps too many) behind the wheel have: flashing on the streets. Well, this is it Blocked: Can not be done flash to street, Not under normal circumstances. If we do this, the fine can become huge, up to… 173 euros. but why?

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If we want to intersect with one Steering wheel from power The system no one will make us avoid fine, If we blink. This is interpreted as a kind of ‘warning’, Something that is a violation of the rules code from street. It is as if we told those coming from the opposite direction that there is one police station patrol, Maybe a place Checks Or a Speed ​​cameras.

Headlights and engine flashes

Flashing is prohibited, and a fine is inevitable

The rule refers to the provisions of Art 153 of the Traffic Law Demonstrating how to use visual indicators. Obviously, there are no reasons to do this “Reports” Of the periodicals already.

So a Improper use Subordinate Headlights Subject to paying a fine of no less than Forty-two euros And a roof 173 euros, Although many people have been fined for this reason and are trying to do so angrily gravity.

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