Mara Vinier if he leaves Dominica in: Costanzo names eligible substitute

In recent months, Mara Vinier has announced that this year will likely be his last year at the helm of the Dominica N. Many wondered who could replace him. In recent days, Maurizio Costanzo appears to have launched a ‘worthy alternative’. Do you know who he is?

Mara Vinier and Maurizio Costanzo-politician 24

Mara Venere In recent months she has expressed her intention and desire to leave the program dear to her, Sunday inTo be able to devote himself more to his family. A choice he definitely felt that left a bit of a bitter aftertaste in fans’ mouths.

After all, how do you blame him: She’s the queen of Sundays, so lovable and popular. Can’t think of replacing it with someone else! However, there are those, that is Maurizio CostanzoIn recent days, it has launched a potential replacement that can replace it starting with the next release. But do you know who he is?

Mara Vinier, here is who can replace him in Dominica Inn

There is no denying that Mara Venier, if she left the helm of Dominica Inn, would be missed by anyone. Her sympathy, spontaneity and sympathy have made her over the years Added value of sending. He is able to listen and make guests feel comfortable, gives wonderful feelings to the audience in the house, entertains and keeps company.

His laughter is contagious, but the most striking thing about the way he works and works is Density and transportation that he encountered in all interviews With different characters. It almost looks like conversations and chatting between friends, away from the cameras. This wonderful privacy allows everyone to open up and be able to “trust”. Vigner is among the few conductors Able to speak directly to people’s hearts And he always does it in a very natural and not at all forced way.

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Precisely for all these qualities, it is a little strange to imagine that he could say goodbye to his dear transfer. Although certainly in her place there could be someone worthy and leading her. To suggest a name, for example, in recent days, it has been Maurizio Costanzo.

The truth according to Costanzo

Maurizio Costanzo commented in the Novo newspaper, and to everyone’s surprise, Make another host name so loved by the public at home. This is Serena Burtoni, currently (for two years now) on Today is Another Day, which airs in the afternoons on Rai Uno starting at 2pm.

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He said: “I think if Mara Venier really decided to leave Dominica Inn, Serena Burtoni would have what it takes to take her place.In short, there is a name that knows if other names will be proposed in the coming months. So we just have to wait and understand who will replace Mara and if someone will really take it!

Mara Vinier and Maurizio Costanzo-politician 24

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