March 31, 2023

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X Factor 2021, Maneskin opens final with Begging. On social media, there is a debate: “We are not in America.”

The Maneskins open their X Factor 2021 final with “begging,” the social media controversy: “We’re not in America.” The band honors the talent we follow Live on Leggo.itSinging one of the covers that dedicated them to a world audience.

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The Maneskins return home as superstars. Super Guests are the ones who open X Factor Final 2021. Damiano (vocals), Thomas (guitar) and Ethan (drums), all in their twenties, started out as street musicians playing in the streets of Rome in 2015, and within a few years, they had conquered the entire world to become one of the most popular rock musicians of the new generation. They currently have over 3.7 billion streams across all digital platforms and over 38 million monthly listeners on Spotify. After the success of the album “Il ballo della vita” (released on October 26, 2018), which was followed by a lengthy tour across Europe and in major Italian clubs and festivals, on October 30, 2020, MÃ¥neskin released the new single “VENT” SENEN. Hering)

However, their performance during the opening turned up some noses on social networks, because Beggin is also one of the tracks the group has played abroad. But perhaps not everyone remembers that Bijen was one of the covers that Manuel Agnelli dedicated to his group while on The X Factor, so what better tribute?

The Italian audience on social media would have liked to hear them on another song, but the band will come back later during the episode and it’s not certain they won’t be satisfied.

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