Katia Ricciarelli insults Mirjana Trevisan / “I’m Katia Ricciarelli, who are you?”

During the last live broadcast of Older brother Vibe, Mirjana Trevisan and Katia Ricciarelli They fought hard without hiding the grudge between them. Katya rushed to the showgirl, telling her: “You’ve got to stop making a saint’s face! Be a woman, not a child!” recognition: “I’m glad to go out because I don’t want to see those little brown-haired faces anymore”.

Mirjana Trevisan He immediately replied to the soprano, saying: “I feel your evil and defend myself and I am glad to be like this, think what you are attacking! The great Katia Ricciarelli!” The soprano responded at this point: “I’m Katia Ricciarelli, and who are you?” It clearly indicates his artistic path compared to that of Showgirl.

Mirjana Trevisan don’t allow Katia Ricciarelli to be intimidated

However, the showgirl did not allow herself to be insulted by Katia Ricciarelli to be intimidated: “I’m Mirjana Trevisan, a strong woman” Continuous “I am happy to be and not try to belittle myself. I am proud of the woman that I am and you wouldn’t be able to make me think otherwise”.

Mirjana Trevisan She cried several times because of the sopranos’ insults against her, but to the showgirl it seemed like a long time ago, in fact she said to the woman: “I will never cry for you again, be ashamed! I attacked and offended everyone, said strong words and was a racist too”.

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