The Crazy Increases For Bread And Pasta: Here Are All The Increases

The Crazy Increases For Bread And Pasta: Here Are All The Increases

We’ve been dealing with “exorbitant prices” for weeks now, anticipating what has been happening in recent days: flour, bread, pasta and their derivatives now the prices Rocketly in increments of up to 38%, a massive amount.

Average increases over 20%

The increase in gas, electricity and fuel also affects Italian spending: from March to October 2021, the cost of flour is more By 38%, breaking the euro threshold (1.09), whole-grain pasta increased by 33% to €2.90, bread increased by 11% and is now €3.86 per kilo. investigating in FederConsumatory It was carried out on about fifteen commercial establishments from north to south Italy.

The alarm about rising food prices has become increasingly serious and worrying, due to the increase in raw materials and the wave of energy prices that will affect production and transportation costs.The union writes in a note, adding the complaint filed a few days ago by the Fiesa Assopanificatori Confesercenti regarding the unimaginable increase in pure flour which peaked at 81%. At this point, a parliamentary question was asked. “We can only subscribe to this appeal, to illustrate the increases and avoid the hypothesis that this becomes a tempting opportunity for speculation.“.

The report is turned to antitrust

At this point, Federconsumatori took action by notifying Antitrust of all increases for “vAnd checking the existence of cartel hypotheses about food prices as happened in 2008“…it becomes necessary to punish those in service and to monitor the market through.”unbearable phenomena my guess, which would further exacerbate already strong current price increases, while seriously damaging families and the entire production system.In short, the situation is heavy and ever-evolving: the only certainty is that in addition to the usual bills and increased fuel prices, we will have to deal with huge increases in basic necessities.

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The head of the Assopanificatori, David Trombini, explained Republic As it is now, for a year now, price of raw materials constantly Increases. “We have absorbed it until now without passing it on to the consumer but today it is no longer possible. After all, this situation is also detrimental to us, on the one hand he pays more for the raw materials for making bread, and on the other hand we cannot raise the price much because we will risk making the consumer flee, perhaps towards frozen bread.“, pointing to.

Reasons for increases

In addition to the reasons that we explained at the beginning of the article, there are other reasons two reasons Which explains these crazy and crazy increases: On the other hand, transportation costs are greater for container rental due to a year and a half of the pandemic but there is also a decrease in the availability of stocks in relation to demand. In a relationship, thelisten (Service Institute for the Agri-Food Market) denounced the decline in yields in Ukraine, where grain stocks often come from, and the export reduction decided by Russia. Italian wheat is often and willingly imported from abroad because our wheat is only 36% sufficient to meet demand, which is why we depend on others and on prices charged by others.

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