Riccione: From November 5-7, the aliens are back. Science fiction, science, play and fun

Three days, participants from all galaxies, two special guests, meetings, curiosity, exclusive offers and a great desire to meet again. The main components of Reunion XVII are the winter conference of the Italian STIC-AL Star Trek club “Alberto Lisiero”, the Italian Klinzha Association – Cultural League and the Ultimo Outpost. From November 5 to 7 at the Convention Center of the Hotel Mediterraneo in Riccione, the usual rendezvous with science fiction but not only. There are many components that make up the much-anticipated three-day program of the conference. In fact, the last date to attend the science fiction conferences organized by STIC-AL and Ultimo Avamposto, which took place in Riccione, is in November 2019.

So there is a lot of anticipation and great desire on the part of the organizers and participants for these three days.

Guests are Trevor Butterfield, actor and special effects technician, and Alessandro Rossi, actor and voice actor.

Trevor Butterfield is an artist who has worked at all levels in many films: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Flash Gordon”, “Labyrinth”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Mission: Impossible”, in all the “Harry Potter” films And in the first Star Wars trilogy.

A highly experienced stage, film and voice actor, Alessandro Rossi is best known for voicing Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation. He also voiced, among others, Peter Weller, Dolph Lundgren, Samuel L. Jackson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Among his recent television efforts is the role of Commissioner de Zanne in “Inspector Collandro.”

The rich conference program includes a tribute to the centenary of the birth of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, with several performances.

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Among the scheduled meetings are a meeting with the famous journalist and promoter Paolo Atevessimo on space tourism and with expert Claudio Sonego on music and science fiction. A particularly awaited date is the premiere and exclusive of the full version of the documentary “Trek It”. A trip to Italian Star Trek with authors Marcello Rossi and Roberto Baldassarri. The documentary is available on Rai Play, after the first TV viewing last spring on Rai 4. The full version will be shown at the conference which, compared to that available on the Rai platform, has about 30 minutes more. The documentary, presented by Giovanni Mongeni (who will be attending the conference), is a fun but also serious journey through nearly 50 years of Star Trek fandom in Italy.

The agreement is made in accordance with all safety regulations.

To access you need to pre-register here https://www.stic.it/eventi/REUNION/iscrizione.html A green lane was made at the entrance.



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