Christiana Calloni, after the confession of her father Massimo Ranieri, how is the relationship? / “Per month …”

Christiana Calloni She is the daughter of Massimo Ranieri. The singer admitted his paternity only a few years ago. Massimo first met her in 2007 by introducing her to the public on her broadcast. Christiana intervened on “Domenica Live” by Barbara Dorso to tell us about her first encounter with her father: Up until that point I had only seen him on TV. The first day I called, my mother turned white. I told him “Hi Dad”. He told me: “How strange to call that. I want you to be a guest on my show.” I put on jeans and a T-shirt, and I thought I’d be in the crowd. Instead, he formally introduced me. After that, my mother and I went home to my father. One cannot live on resentment and hatred.”

Massimo Ranieri had Christiana with Franca Sebastiani, who died six years earlier. Despite the separation between her parents, Christina said her mother never had any grudges against Ranieri: My mother did not say a word against him. He always told me he loved me. Dad exists, for me I thank him publicly because thanks to him I own a house. He pays me rent every month and that means a lot to me, because I have a 5-year-old. A child cannot hate a parent. I’m sure he loves me, because we are the same.”

Christiana Calloni and friendship with Manuela Villa: “We’ve known each other for 30 years and …”

Christiana Calloni is a very good friend Manuela Villa. The two had the same experience as her father didn’t get to know Manuela until after a turbulent legal matter. Manuela Villa spoke about the relationship between Christiana and her father Massimo Ranieri on Dominica Live: “We have known each other for 30 years. When he found his father I cried a lot. It was my victory too, even if I couldn’t get over what I did.” Massimo Ranieri revealed a few years ago that Christiana was born after a night of love. A few years later, singer mea culpa revealed his behavior and revealed: “They kept me away from this story and told me it was hurting my image. A word has always made me feel sick. The only excuse I have is that I was too young and inexperienced. I was a famous singer and I was 19.”

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Today, however, the singer has approached Christiana again and their relationship is excellent. Massimo Ranieri He is also Giovanni’s grandfather. His birth conclusively established the peace between Christiana and Massimo. However, at the time of his birth, Massimo wanted to avoid being surrounded by paparazzi and paparazzi and would not have gone to the hospital. He had met his grandson thanks to a photo he sent to his mobile phone.

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