Where do children get their intelligence from? Science mixes everything A disappointment to many

Where do children get their intelligence from?  Science mixes everything  A disappointment to many

From whom do children derive their intelligence? Science confuses it all again to the disappointment of many people. Certainly the DNA factor is a difficult jigsaw to parse.

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For many years, children’s intelligence was believed to be derived from men, and a recent discovery has “shuffled the cards on the table.” This is why it becomes interesting to take a hint and make some thoughts about it.

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From whom does the child derive his intelligence? (GranTennisTuscany)

What seems clear is that this area still deserves further study with various specialists who have access to the work. The truth is, what was believed for a very long time has been upended by a recent study. So the saying “Like father, like son” can be revised even if not completely. But let’s take a closer look at this information.

The discovery that changes everything

Scientists recently found out The intelligence genes are passed on to the child by the X chromosome present entirely in the woman and instead mixed with the Y in the genetic heritage provided by the man to the child. Some studies have shown that on transgenic mice, there was also brain and head development in those with a massive dose of the mother’s genes and instead smaller brains and larger bodies in others.

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Intelligence who give birth to them? (GranTennisTuscany)

Therefore, scientific studies show that the genetic heritage of the child is due precisely to the mother, and in this sense work is being done to sabotage something that seemed in the past to have been created. In fact, for many decades this phenomenon has been analyzed in the exact opposite direction, while today, as we have seen, everything can really change. However, what also emerges is a certain state of confusion that may force us to analyze the matter more deeply.

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A recent study outlines how maternal genes develop at the level of the cerebral cortex, where the paternal genes are not found instead. But what is the cerebral cortex? It is that part of the brain where complex cognitive functions including logical thinking, language expression as well as explicit intelligence are located. The paternal genes seem to accumulate in the part of the brain that controls emotions, particularly in the hypothalamus and amygdala.

There is no shortage of male contributions

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Where does a child’s intelligence come from? (GranTennisTuscany)

It must be specified that in this sense analyzes are made and that the genetic repertoire is never built entirely from a single parent, so it is clear that even the father’s genetic heritage affects intelligence. Even if recent discoveries show that this happens in smaller amounts than in the mother.

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