“First he denounced me, then he came to my team…”

“First he denounced me, then he came to my team…”

Ilary Blasey And Bastian They are now a stable couple: at first the two lived their own relationship In the shadows, trying to live away from prying eyes in the spotlight, the presenter has now found a smile with her new partner and no longer intends to hide it.

In fact, the couple spent dinner at a famous restaurant in Rome Which, according to what Fanpage.it has learned, will be the Il Tartarugino restaurant, located in the heart of Rome and which Alex NoketelliHistoric friend Francesco Totti, plays the role of technical director. “I am first complaintThen come to my restaurant? Nuccetelli declared.

Tutty Style Hulk, mask as a dig at Ilari Blasi: This is what Noemi Pucci does

Totti, a touching dedication for his daughter Isabelle’s birthday. And Ilary Blasey goes to dinner with Bastien (check out the first pic together)

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti skip the separation agreement and Noemi Bocchi is furious: that’s why

Ilary and Bastian have booked dinner at the restaurant, where Alex Nochettilli is the artistic director, along with her sisters Melori and Sylvia, and a group of friends.

Of all the restaurants in Rome, the one owned by Totti’s friend wanted to be one holes towards the ex-husband? Who do you know. “I see a little bit of arrogance in it,” Nochelli reported of the choice of restaurant in which he works.

Totti: “Roma is so great, really from you”

PR reported Ilary’s move to Francesco Totti“The master did it. He said to me: “Rome is too great, right from you” ». Alex Nochetelli could not help but show his disagreement with the choice of the presenter, he did not appreciate her attitude, which is why the two did not meet during the evening: «I never went to the place where they had dinner. Also because there were people I didn’t want to meet.”

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After that, he left a comment about Blasey’s new partner: «I think they have a different relationship than they had with Totti. He looks like a little boy to me. Francesco was a man, the one who took on all the responsibilities, even if at home the one who wore the pants was the most Ilary ».

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