A thousand boys and girls from Reus will enjoy the stage with “No Child Without Luck” | Diary Tots21

A thousand boys and girls from Reus will enjoy the stage with “No Child Without Luck” |  Diary Tots21

Presenting the initiative through which the Fortuny Theater Foundation wants to reach as many school children as possible. Photo: Sedida

The fourth edition of “Cap Infant Without Fortuny” will be held on May 30, 2024 at Fortuny Theater in Reus. This time, the show will be about artificial intelligence and environmental awareness. In total, 1,000 students and 85 teachers from 22 schools in the city will participate in this day.

the Fortuny Theater Foundation Promoting a new edition of the educational, pedagogical and social project “No Child Without Luck” in cooperation with Fortuny Theater Union – With participationReus City Council that day Tarragona Province-, I’Camerata Orchestra XXICity of Reus.

The development of the project has witnessed an increase in quantity and quality. The first edition brought together 500 students from the city on an act of ‘The Pyrrha and the Wolf’, and later editions incorporated a ‘Carnival of the Animals’ and an educational file that helps contextualise the theatrical performance and for 1,000 students from the city. Schools participated.

The numbers for this year’s edition call for optimism about the solidity of the project: 1,000 students with 85 teachers will collaborate in the activity, from 22 schools in the city. Inventory, from Fortuny Theater Foundation I was able to open the stage door to about 3,500 boys and girls in the city from all schools who wanted to answer this annual invitation. Regarding the qualitative aspect, there are two developments: First, this year’s edition will be the first edition in which it participates Fortuny Theater Foundation He is facing a new project, both in terms of music and its scenography. The original text of the proposal is responsible for the musical and theatrical director Rafael Fabregat (Tartosa, 1963), with original music Jordi Cornudella (Terrassa, 1989), and theatrical directionEban Beltran (Terra Alta, 1974).

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Show new production

This newly created show is titled “The Invention of Dr. Larsen” and reflects on the role of artificial intelligence and environmental awareness, two topical issues that directly impact new generations. Second, the teaching materials prepared for classroom work came from the classrooms themselves.

The Teatre Fortuny Foundation would like to recognize the expertise of those who carry out their work day after day in direct contact with students. For this reason, the preparation of the materials was entrusted to the city’s primary education teachers. authors, Angela Fernandez, Teresa Ferri I Aina Vidal They are primary education teachers and have created materials to put the participating children in the context of different areas and make them think in different areas (environmental knowledge, languages, technical education…).

The objectives of this project are diverse. In terms of will Fortuny Theater Foundation To cooperate with the Theater Union in training new audiences and, on the other hand, to provide one of the reference cultural facilities in the city, Fortuny Theater To all the people of the city without exception. The activity consists of a visit to the theater so that the schoolchildren can get to know first-hand what Fortuny is like: the boxes, the audience and the stage, and then the live attendance of a musical theater event that will bring them closer to the performing arts and music.

All schools Rios They are invited to participate in the course and all previous work sessions held periodically since last October 2023. The preparatory work is carried out in the classroom throughout the school year and its point and end are in luck. This activity also has a noticeable social and comprehensive character as all children in the city are integrated without exception, including Including those with special needs, with the participation of two special education schools. The activity is free for everyone.

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Comprehensive project

The No Child is Unlucky project has a social and comprehensive outlook Fortuny Theater Foundation The project is fully funded for all children who attend, which would not be possible without the support of sponsors. However, the chief Fortuny Theater Foundation, Dolores SardaHe talks about Cap Enfant Don Fortuny as a proposal “with the aim of reaching all schools and for their students to be able to attend Fortuny’s theatre, so that they can get to know it and do it in a different way, like enjoying the show.” On the other side, Eliseo BarcenaA member of the Foundation’s Executive Committee confirms that “the project’s objectives will be achieved, which is that on the one hand, children will be able to enter the theater at least once in their lives and know it as a living space, for the use of citizens, in which things happen, and this, in addition to enjoying the show, will make them think.” On the other hand, “they show a unique heritage space that defines our identity as a city. A theater like Fortuny Theater can live without Ríos, but Ríos cannot live without Fortuny Theater.”

Guillem Capridirector ofCamerata Orchestra XXI – Reus City, highlights that after noticing the concern of teachers and schools in recent years, who missed performances that talked about current problems, “this year we are showing for the first time a newly created production, and we respond to these shortcomings, and we do this by promoting local talent.” In this way, It will fit He explained that “behind” Dr.’s invention. Larsen “There is a complete and very local team, where we believe we have enough arguments to deliver a high-quality production without giving up the talent of the region.”

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Finally, a consultanteducation from’Reus City Council, Pilar LopezShe congratulated the Foundation for presenting this project to the children of the city, which it celebrates as “working for quality education, social cohesion and the fight against school segregation,” and adds that it is “a golden opportunity to attend theatre.” “For many students who, due to various circumstances, may not have access to it.”

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