Revenue Agency: 900 jobs | How to enter the competition: Minimum requirements

Revenue Agency: 900 jobs |  How to enter the competition: Minimum requirements
What’s new in the latest competition announced by the Revenue Agency? (Source: –

The new competition for Revenue Agency Technical Assistants is on. Let’s see the requirements and how to apply.

the competition for 900 assistants technicians At the revenue agency tripping. At the moment, the publication date of the magazine has been postponed note Based on location Exam Regarding objective evidence.

So let’s see what they are New developments In this respect also with reference to all other data useful for competition purposes.

Competition to recruit 900 technical assistants to the Revenue Agency

In terms of competition, it’s about to choose Aims to employ 900 Technical Assistants, who are on permanent contracts at the Revenue Agency. In particular, the Numbers interested They will be used to support operations such as cadastral and cartographic operations, as well as technical and related discretionary advisory servicesObservatory from the real estate market.

Requires assistants In question, they are welcome to actively cooperate in group And the acting data in these thematic areas. In addition to monitoring the data itself. The headquarters of the Revenue Agency, where a Places I am available They are found in every region. As for the Technical and Occupational Objective Test, it will focus on a series of multiple choice questions.

An assessment out of thirty, ei, is expected Questions It will deal with the topics of geodesy, topography, cartography, building science and technology, valuation and elements of real estate economics, cadastral legislation, elements of building and urban planning legislation, and elements of administrative law and tax law.

For the oral examination, all candidates with a minimum score of 21/30 will be admitted. This test will instead focus on the verification inherent to knowledge To use the tools, one of the most widespread computer applications in the sector. In addition to checking the skills that belong strictly to the professional profile, the English language is also occupied place to Firstly floor.

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A new calendar publication date has been postponed due to the first exam –

Allocation of seats and changes reported

900 seats will be distributed as well among all Regions, among the various bodies chaired by the Revenue Agency. So between regional district offices, directione regional And the provinces, then in the Central Administration for Valuation Services and the Real Estate Market Observatory, and the Central Administration for Surveying, Mapping and Real Estate Advertising Services.

Finally, a new solution disparity to Publishing Diary and examination center for the objective test. After the first postponement, which occurred on 3 November, the publication then took place on 9 December, with a diary rehearsal between 17 and 23 February. With notice from the dated institution Feb 20definition is deferred to a later date calendar same. It is therefore essential that the interested parties keep themselves updated heresy In the field.

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