Manchester United – Atletico Madrid 0-1, report papers: Ronaldo is the worst and Griezmann shines

Manchester United – Atletico Madrid 0-1, report papers: Ronaldo is the worst and Griezmann shines

Manchester United – Madrid 0-1
(42′ praised)

Total score: 1-2

Manchester United – sponsored by Evan Kardia

De Gea 6.5 – Against his past, the challenge is played with Oblak on an equal footing, even if he has little to do. He can’t do much about Lodi, and save everything else. A couple of lighting in the hallway.

Dalot 5 – Appearing in Milan, the start of the Champions League: Life is Strange. Well in the offensive phase, pointing at Renan Lodi to mark the crucial goal was disastrous.

Varane 6 – De Gea’s neutralized pumpkin can change the evening’s story. A couple of great defensive plays.

Maguire 5 – It complicates his life and the lives of his companions on more than one occasion. This market assessment will always remain a mystery. (Starting at 86 ‘Mata sv).

News 6 – Another round, another meteor for the Italian football champion in Europe is significant. It is suggested, with mixed fortunes: it often overshadows the direct opponent, but in general, it is the other who passes.

McTominay 5 – Good Ralph puts him there to capture both teams’ imaginations. successful mission. (From 67′ Matic 5 – A balloon is thrown over Felix’s head on the ground and that’s it.)

Unique 6.5 – In good shape, he alternates between careful reading in the non-acquisition phase with fine detail when it comes to attacking. What is the best for him to bring out an altar upon an altar? force the last. (From 75 Cavani 5.5 – He comes in too late to score, but five balls have been touched in twenty too few minutes).

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Ilanga 5.5 – The surprising first leg protagonist and Rashford’s favorite from the start. A little storm, a lot of aggression, in general does not repeat the good performance of the metropolitan: the boy will do, but he is still immature. (From 67′ Rashford 5 – Rangnick, who usually asks him for continuity, suggests him this time to change the race. He doesn’t even try.)

Bruno Fernandez 5 – It starts well, as the minutes go by hiding in the folds of the game. After recovering from the frantic attack that made him miss Spurs, he has missed some of the training he missed in the past few days. (From 67′ Pogba 5 – Great discussions about his absence from the first minute. Then he enters the field and does nothing to remind him.

Sancho 5.5 – Tried and tried again, more than once it passes but in the end it doesn’t work. He has the match goal ball, sends it a little high.

Ronaldo 4.5 – After passing the Bikan, he resumes the old luxury of wandering where he pleases. By itself, it’s not the worst on the field. But for Macy, the music this time around is more like the credits music. For the third year in a row, he is out in the round of 16. Tonight, without shooting the goal.

Rangnick 5 – The game, okay. His people do it better than their opponents, for beauty lovers: Not that we’re talking about the Mona Lisa, mind you. But then the bad and the ugly pass. He will have a lot to do as a coach, and at the same time as a coach he has created more than one unnecessary situation. Then, if you get into the ball, many of the ratings change, for heaven’s sake. But in the end that’s what matters.

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Atlético de Madrid – sponsored by Andrea Piras

Oblak 7 – Good luck helped him when he was hit in the forehead by Elanga. At the end of the first half, he reacted instead in dispersing Bruno Fernandez’s poisonous result for a corner kick. In recovery, saves the score with Varane’s header.

Savic 7 – Fred sends him to the tavern with a textbook play that poses no real danger to Oblak’s door. For the rest it is always very meticulous in closing on its part.

Jimenez 7 The purely defensive match of his team motivates him a lot. He relies on his physique and excellent ability in the deadly rounds to fend off Manchester United’s attacks.

Rinildo 6.5 – Go straight to the point when it comes to clearing the penalty area. He’s helping his teammates raise the dam in defense by eliminating the descendants of United players as best he can.

Llorente 6 Alex Telles is a train and often overwhelmed by leaving too much room for an opponent’s predecessors. As the minutes go by, you gain more accuracy and improve performance.

Cook 6.5 The plays of Manchester United midfielders often disappoint him. It also grows from a distance. He pursues his opponent stubbornly, but makes good plays for his teammates. from 81 ‘Kondogbia sv

Herrera 6 – Reduces a lot, which helps the defense in a clear difficulty in the face of the quality of Manchester United players. Collect as many balls as possible and get back to work for his team.

De Paul 6.5 – His team’s first chance bears his signature, but De Gea flies away from a corner kick. He puts quality into his team’s restart and is often dangerous.

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Renan Lodi 7 – For his part, Ilanga often gets him in trouble, but he knows in time how to punish the Red Devils by collecting a cross from Griezmann’s kiss and beating De Gea with an accurate header.

Joao Felix 6.5 – After scoring a home leg, he also sealed the home match. It’s a pity that Marcos Llorente, the owner of the assist, was in an erratic position. He makes up for it by starting the goal work 1-0 with a superb heel kick for Griezmann. Starting at 90′ Philippe sv

Griezmann 7 – Not an easy game. There are not many playable balls but a great player knows how to take advantage of even the few chances that come his way. Draw the perfect tale of head player Renan Lodi who scored the 1-0 goal. In the second half, we found him playing as a back against Sancho. from 93 ‘Correa sv

Simon 7 Renan Lodi’s goal is enough for his team to beat Old Trafford and remove the pass for the quarter-finals. A clear defensive match from Cholismo as Griezmann plays as a centre-back. In the end he is right and celebrates Ronaldo United’s elimination.

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