Italy, Bongiorno: “I felt good luck with Vanoli. We’ll talk when I get back.”

Italy, Bongiorno: “I felt good luck with Vanoli. We’ll talk when I get back.”

Today the Torino defender was the hero of the press conference from “Casa Azzurri” Alexander good morning He spoke this way about the feelings of being called up for his first European Championship and the arrival of Paolo Vanoli on the Granata bench: “It was great feelings, I thought about my whole journey since I was young at Toro, I thought about my family trying to help me as much as possible and I definitely think about them, but “The rest, there is a great atmosphere. It’s the first time I’ve felt emotions like this and I’m very happy to be here and be part of Torino.”

Have you heard from Rodriguez yet? Did you talk about this challenge?
“We spoke to each other before we said goodbye to Torino, and we said that the hope was to see each other in the final… We will see each other before a little bit but we did not say any specific things to each other, we just wish each other good luck in the competition.”

Did Fanuli also wish you good luck?
“Yes, he sent me a message telling me to only think about the European Championship for now and that we will talk to each other at the end of the competition. I have watched some of the matches in Venice and he seems to be an excellent coach and I will have the opportunity to get to know him.”

Re-read the entire press conference before Alexander, good morningItaly defender

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