New video “In Starfield Part 2” about the universe created by Bethesda –

New video “In Starfield Part 2” about the universe created by Bethesda –

starfield He is the protagonist again Video An in-depth diary dedicated to the new sci-fi world Bethesda has built with this trailer “In Starfield 2”which continues with an overview of the path the company has taken to get to the creation of this big game.

Today’s new video diary continues on the same path as the one published last November, and is in fact a sequel to the “Nel campo stellare” series, with a sort of round table in which the key elements responsible for the project talk about the work they’ve done so far in Starfield.

In particular, in the new video diary, the developers explain how the “Starfield for Roamers” was created, outlining howexploration It is the foundation of the entire gaming experience. In this regard, director Emil Pagliarulo says something interesting: “We don’t just make RPGs, we create simulations,” referring to the new project and insistence on open-world dimensions.

Reportedly, this approach should allow players unprecedented freedom of action, allowing players to experience the game as they like, without having to follow a predetermined path so much. The idea is to make available a large dynamic world, made up of characters and forces also opposing each other that can offer different paths to follow but also the possibility to follow in a somewhat personal way.

But during the video, what appears to be a small series of files Play: The scene of the assistant robot – named Vasco, in reference to the explorer Vasco da Gama – saluting the protagonist actually appears to be taken straight from Starfield.

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As has been reported many times in the past by Todd Howard & Co., Starfield has finished Journey over more than 20 years Inside Bethesda, with the idea of ​​creating a space RPG that dates back a long time, after numerous attempts that never made it to port.

In the end, the opportunity presented precisely the same in generational transmission and Starfield represented the fulfillment of a dream by Howard and several other Bethesda developers, also built on experience gained with The Elder Scrolls and other historical games of the company.

Just this morning we watched the video in which Bethesda welcomes us to Constellation, dedicated above all to the community: Although there is no actual Starfield gameplay, which will only be seen during a select presentation in the spring, this new video diary “In Starfield 2”, however, provides more information about the game expected for PC and Xbox.

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