Malena Gracia was kicked out of Arevalo's funeral home, a brutal reaction from the family

Malena Gracia was kicked out of Arevalo's funeral home, a brutal reaction from the family

death Paco Arevalo It was a surprise to the front pages of the press and above all it left those around it speechless. His body was found by the comedian's son, and although the main cause has not been officially announced, everything points to the actor having suffered a heart attack. The world of humor and interpretation bid farewell to a great veteran of this profession and the network was filled with messages of tribute to his career. Finally, the relatives gathered everyone around them to tell him Last farewell Everyone was invited except one person, who was almost kicked out. Malena GraciaArevalo's former partner, She left the morgue disfigured I “They behaved very badly” He confirmed to the press. After a few minutes, the protagonist's son explained everything. Yes. They took him out of the morgue.

Malena Gracia and Arevalo / Lecturas Magazine
Malena Gracia and Arevalo in Friday Deluxe / Telecinco

Despite his professional career… Paco Arevalo's life was not easy. Thus, he explained this in repeated television interventions. A few years after the death of his wife, a comedian She started a relationship with Malena GraciaActress, dancer and Featured, a close friend for life. Arevalo actually confessed during the polygraphSalvame Deluxe The fact is that both of them were seeing each other even when they were still married. In 2021 they announced their relationship, and even if it all started as a passionate love story, soon Dishes were thrown at each other's heads on TV. They never came to an agreement on the reasons for the separation, but one of the main confrontations was the situations during the divorce of Bertin Osborne and Fabiola Martinez. A relationship that never made the comedian's family happy and that's why they didn't want to know anything about Malina during it Final farewell to Paco Arevalo.

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Malena Gracia leaves the vigil / Europe Press
Paco Rodriguez speaks to “TardeAR” / Telecinco

A few minutes after Malena Gracia entered the funeral home, the actress and dancer reappeared in front of the press, crying. “They behaved so badly, I don't want to talk. But I don't expect it and I don't deserve it. “I have no evil and I have always supported him.” He explained to the press. Arevalo's family never accepted their relationship, and even less so after the comedian confirmed he was cheating on his wife. In a powerful way, Paco Rodriguez, the comedian's son, spoke to TardeAR to clarify all the hype around the star: I don't know, I shouldn't have come here. She's the woman who turned my father upside down everywhere. What is she doing here? (…) It does not please me to see that person on television saying what he said about my father. I don't even want to see that person in the drawing. I don't even look at her. “My cousin took care of her.”

Paco Arevalo Save Me / Telecinko

Between the 22-year age difference between the two, the marital infidelity that hid their history, break-up scandals and different interests to become famous on television, The comedian's family wanted to erase her from their memory. A love story that did not end as it began. Malena Gracia was not welcome at the funeral home, and after experiencing the reaction, the actress will almost certainly never appear again due to her surroundings.

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