GDP will reach 1.6% in 2024; Find out about Spanish economic forecasts from CGE

GDP will reach 1.6% in 2024;  Find out about Spanish economic forecasts from CGE

CGE forecasts for the Spanish economy in 2024freepik

the past Tuesday, January 2,General Council of Economists For Spain published a note where he warned about this If growth in the fourth quarter continues at 0.3%In 2023, it will end with an increase more than double the expected. The expectation was 1% and the reality is that if nothing changes there will be an increase of 2.4%. According to what EFE reported.

Spain chose internal trade in the internal sector (private consumption), which led to a decrease in exports, which is positive

According to the expert group

What awaits us in 2024?

The forecast for 2024 is just that The situation will slow down and an increase of 1.6% will be recorded. extension Post-pandemic aid and the death of European funds You will maintain this good style of Consume I internal request. This will make GDP is 1.6% It is said in quotes, because sometimes predictions and speculations can fail.

More forecasts from the EAG

The General Council of Economists has made several forecasts for the Spanish economy by 2024. According to them, com IPC If it moderates, inflation will be around 3.1% in 2024 and unemployment rates will reach 11.7%. Ten under 2023.

The truth is that 2023 has not been a negative year, despite the bleak prognoses

Expert Advisory Group

In addition, they hope so he Impotence To reach 3.8% in 2023 and decrease to 3.3% in 2024. They are optimistic about the data and hope so The deficit exceeds three-tenths of the target set by the government. This is based on the extension of anti-crisis measures and increased debt financing costs.

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“We don't know exactly what will happen in 2024 because of that The geopolitical environment is highly uncertain; The wars between Ukraine and the Middle East do not leave us with anything clear. The fear is that more countries will participate, This may lead to greater risks“, CGE

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