“Un Professor” TV series for six evenings

Dante Palestra is an unorthodox and charming professor of philosophy who returns to Rome after years of absence to care for his son Simon, as his ex-wife moves to Glasgow for work. He plays Alessandro Gasman, the male protagonist of the TV series 6 Evenings titled “Professor”, broadcasting from Thursday 11 November at 21.25 on Rai1 in first view. The female heroine is Claudia Pandolfi, while the direction is Alessandro Dallatri.
Dante arrives at Leonardo da Vinci High School, teaches the great philosophers’ ideas in an eccentric way and helps students think for themselves. Some colleagues find him annoying, but thanks to him, Socrates, Nietzsche, Epicurus and other great thinkers are not chapters in dusty philosophy textbooks, but travel companions who help solve life’s small and big problems. Dante is non-conformist and revolutionary, his son Simon is strict and has never broken the rules. He grew up quickly because his father left him while he was still a child. At first, Dante does not gather the right person with him. He does not imagine, Simon, that his father’s apparent lightness hides a wounded soul, for in Dante’s heart are burdens that no one knows, except for Virginia, his mother. Something from his past affected his life. The relationship with the son is not easy. The boy, in fact, is going through a delicate moment sixteen years ago: he has recently discovered his homosexuality and would like everything except Dante to be at home as a father and in class as a teacher. In fact, father and son are polar opposites.
Though in the past or perhaps even then, Dante is passionate about Manuel, the “black sheep of the class,” but also the most philosophical, and tries to deal with him. This further destabilizes Simone, who discovers that he has fallen in love with him. And even if the past weighs heavily on the professor’s heart, Dante does not stop developing his true passion: philosophy and women. Dante has a real weakness for them, he is seductive with them all. Thus, once he arrives at the new school, he engages in some romantic relationships that further jeopardize his relationship with Simon. It will be Anita, Manuel’s mother – the most corrupt of women, but also the one Dante was by his side at the moment that changed his life – to cut the path of conquests. In fact, Dante realizes that what is created between him and Anita is not just an attraction, and even if he is confused, he feels that the most likely love story might turn out to be the story of his life and the key that must finally be confronted. his past.
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