“Made an exceptional team, young and talented”

“Made an exceptional team, young and talented”

The coach after the World Cup victory: “Young and talented team.” Michelito: “I never stopped believing”

“I So excited and happyWe did something special and unusual. We have a team that averages 24, and there has been steady team growth throughout the tournament. And to come here to beat Poland in front of 12,000 people, well, these guys were really special. Not many of us are convinced but that there can be. In one year, these people did one job very important growthEven on the way to the field. This is a young team with beautiful faces and great talent, with guys who are proud to wear the blue jersey.” Ferdinando de Giorgict fromItalfuliafter opening world title against Poland in Katowice.

“It was a very intense experience as a coach and living with these guys, some of whom don’t even play in the Premier League, is exceptional. Personality and desire In being together we are exceptional. This is not a difficult game anymore. I think that step was the victory over France in the quarter-finals. After losing a few matches in the Nations League, we used the defeat well and that’s part of the big teams.”

Michelto: “Don’t stop believing”
“Another dream come true, I’m very happy. We wanted it, on the pitch we saw that they had more. This is unbelievable Italy, this is it.” The team that never stopped believing in it This has paid off. So, the blue of Italvolley, Alessandro MichelettoAfter the victory of the world.

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