They emptied the bank account

They emptied the bank account

Not a day goes by without a researcher or cybersecurity company somewhere in the world finding one or more Infected apps in Play Store From Google: Apps for Android Countless, for statistics it is impossible to be all of them”CleaningRecently, however, the developers Malware Other types of malicious code are getting smarter and working harder. The last example is that DaudruberInside, the malware detected by Trend Micro 14 Apps in Play Store.

To be honest, DawDropper is not malware but it is”dropper“Malware, specifically, a dropper capable of infecting smartphones with 4 different types of viruses. In short, as the saying goes: You change so you don’t die DawDropper has done just that, diversifying not to be detected by Google’s antivirus. In fact, one of the infected apps was present on the Play Store From May 2021.

What are the 14 infected apps

Infected applications, which contain Daudruberwhich were detected by Trend Micro are 14. They have all been removed from the Play Store, but some of them have already collected many downloads. and for this We advise you to check If you have one of these apps on your smartphone:

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  • call recorder apk
  • Rooster VPN
  • Document Scanner – PDF Creator
  • Universal Saver Pro
  • eagle photo editor
  • call recorder pro +
  • Extra Cleaner
  • Encryption Utils
  • FixCleaner
  • Just In: Motion Video
  • fortune cleaner
  • simplified cleaner
  • Unicc QR Scanner

If one of these applications, or more than one, must be present among the applications on your mobile phone, it is almost certain Your device is infected: Immediately delete the application(s) in question, download and use an antivirus for Android, and above all, Verify your bank account Because you may find some nasty surprises.

Why is DawDropper dangerous

As mentioned earlier, DawDropper is dangerous because it can download 4 different computer viruses to your phone: octoAnd the hydraAnd the throw you And the thibot. We already know them all, we’ve already talked about them before and we know that it is Serious banking malwareViruses that aim to steal app login credentials to check bank accounts.

after, after Credentials stolen This malware sends them to their control servers, where cybercriminals can pick them up and use them for them Log in to our account. To do what we already know.

As Trend Micro explains, in fact, DawDropper . can Spying on the activities on our smartphonessteal credentials (including PINs) of banks, and check SMS (which banks send through OTP icon to allow wire transfers), running code and other scripts in the background, and running other potentially dangerous applications.

How to protect your bank account from DawDropper

Infected app call recorder It was on the Play Store as of May 2021, while Unicc QR Scanner It was preloaded and then removed because it contained Octo virus. In short: these apps come and go from the Play Store and that means we must always be very careful when downloading Android apps.

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Even if we do not use alternative stores, but the official store from Google, it is actually possible that the application we download hit. For this reason, in addition to to cautionIt is also useful to have a suite Antivirus Also covered for Android devices. In this way, we will have an extra layer of security to protect our phones and, above all, our phone Bank account.

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