F1 – F1, Ferrari working on ‘fixing’ latest development package

F1 – F1, Ferrari working on ‘fixing’ latest development package

Ferrari He has been suffering badly for the past month. Car from F1the SF-24which seems to have missed the correct operating point. What’s more, as if that wasn’t enough, the team is stationed in Via Abeton Inferior 4 Keeps losing pieces. Latest on Technical Director Enrico CardileIn fact, the Italian terminated his contract with the Reds a few days ago. He did so because he responded positively to the offer he received from them. Aston Martina very respectable load. In short, another piece of jumping horse to go away

The working group formed by Mattia Benotto In practice, this is no longer the case. This scenario is not necessarily viewed in a bad light, as the task of the bespectacled engineer who grew up in Ferrari It leaked everywhere. Fasor It arrived without any preference for expectations, but it has shown in a slow and progressive way that there is definitely room for improvement. Even Monaco The Italian team’s historic progress has been steady. Since then, something has happened, a context that has been shown more than once in a team to Maranello.

In this case we are talking about the absence of a leap in the expected quality of updates, to which, however, with great interest, one more fact should be added, which perhaps not everyone has confirmed. We are referring to the inability of the redhead to extrapolate correctly. performance And also with the package Imola. Yes, because even without the new bottom, the red doesn’t work and the same porpoises are present. The effect derived from the narrow adjustment window of Ferrari Which, depending on Planning The track, it can not work well. The mechanical-pneumatic compromise does not exist, in short…

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Ferrari F1
Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) during free practice at Silverstone

Put all the blame on the new features introduced. Spain This is wrong. The evidence for what was said was clear in Gran prize from Gran Brittanywhere he failed without the new floor after free training, the Ferrari She saw herself being beaten. red bull, McLaren H MercedesThere are many problems due to a. prove Who doesn’t know how to manage the transition between slow and fast corners, because when the group is short, something always remains exposed. This is the current situation of the historic Italian team that is working tirelessly to change the performance profile of the last four races.

F1, Ferrari working on ‘fix’ latest update package

A week break and then we travel to Hungary..The temperatures will be much higher than they were inEngland Settling the adjustment is undoubtedly less complicated. There are two factors that should help: Ferraridetermined to improve your weekend in the Eastern Lands. To do so, the first goal remains the same as always: Center the single seat working point which should be well balanced.It won’t be easy to get out of this moment. Impasse Technique because morale is not very high and it is not always easy to “ignite motivation”.

Ferrari F1Ferrari F1
Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari SF-24 inside the garage – 2024 British Grand Prix

Operationally, let’s talk about the latest updates. Fasor They claim that the data collected at Silverstone is very important, because when you make mistakes you can learn. They have figured out how to eliminate aerodynamic bounce, they say, by better managing the car’s heights off the ground. In F1 However, words take their time, because only facts will make the difference. And there are those who insist on that these days.undressing You can use the new package since there are no fast corners that trigger Jump.

While a Spa Francorchampsthe fourteenth stage of the World Championship 2024The maximum speed of this route will not allow you to use the latest updates. According to the information collected by our editorial team, the purpose of the red color is not to diversify the package depending on PlanningOn the contrary, Goal It aims to make it work on all circuits and thus unleash the performance. He is ascending Still not expressed. High load seen by data but not expressed by path. Comparison tests will continue as calculations for English data will need confirmation.

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That’s why we certainly can’t rule it out in Friday’s free practice. Hungaryrun another test to further understand the new package. Meanwhile, we are working tirelessly to expand the scope ranges relating to the situation SF-24because it currently represents the biggest problem severely limiting the performance of a single-seater, whatever technical version is put on the track. Thinking about how many months of delay could accumulate is an exercise in itself. This does not mean that everything will be fixed in two weeks.

Ferrari F1Ferrari F1
Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Ferrari) on board his SF-24 – 2024 British GP

On the contrary, it is still necessary to understand how to solve the problems. Timings linked to different maneuvers that cannot be “corrected”, since only the single highest judge, the track, will be able to confirm the solution of the current problems. In the meantime, the team must stick together. Maximize what is at hand and take advantage, if possible, of every small situation that may arise during the race weekend. Therefore, limiting errors as much as possible, while waiting for the “famous best times” that, quite frankly, may no longer reach this championship…

author: Xander Arcari – @berrageiz

the pictures: Scuderia Ferrari – F1Tv

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