CompuGroup Medical Italia and the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology of the University of Turin come together to improve management and adherence to treatments

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Supporting patients in the correct management of arterial hypertension, improving adherence to antihypertensive therapies and promoting early identification of people at risk thanks to the involvement of community pharmacists with the help of cutting-edge IT tools: these are the objectives of the research project that was born out of a collaboration between Compugroup Medical Italy The research group is coordinated by Paula Brusa subordinate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology at the University of Turin.

The initiative is based on an IT platform CGM POINT OF CARE Which, integrated with the main pharmacy management software and based on validated protocols, is able to support professionals in all areas of chronic patient care: from carrying out primary analyzes to measuring vital parameters, from monitoring treatment adherence to telemedicine services, and administering assessment questionnaires that help the patient to Monitor the progress of his disease and improve treatment management.

More than 30% of the population in Italy has arterial hypertension and 17% have borderline values, that is, close to pathological values. It’s a widely underestimated condition, with more than 1 in 4 people with high blood pressure unaware that they have high blood pressure, putting their cardiovascular health at risk.1. In fact, high blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for the onset of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in Italy with 240 thousand deaths every year. For this reason, it is essential to check blood pressure values ​​regularly and keep them within recommended levels through correct healthy lifestyles and correct consumption of remedies.

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The agreement between CGM Italia and the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology of the University of Turin opens the first phase of the project dedicated to defining the services to be provided in the pharmacy and the creation of the CGM POINT OF CARE platform, which will be followed by the operational phase that will involve local pharmacies in Piedmont in implementing a prevention path, identifying Authorized care for hypertensive patients. A virtuous approach that combines technology, Counseling The spread of the pharmacist in the region to improve the health status of patients, with positive repercussions also from the point of view of treatment costs.

This initiative is part of the path that the PNRR is taking to relaunch local healthcare and implement proximity care that sees the pharmacist at the center of the treatment pathway and a point of reference for the citizen. A vision confirmed by the funding allocated by the PNRR to strengthen rural pharmacies, through the acquisition of technological equipment and information technology that allow to increase health services provided to citizens and increase the decentralization of chronic patient management in the region.

“Our research group is interested in continuing the path in the community pharmacy with a new partner that gives pharmacies the possibility to effectively manage the relationship with the chronic patient – comments Paula BrusaProfessor, Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, University of Turin. In this case, we chose to check for arterial hypertension, which is actually very disabling and often misunderstood.”

“We are proud that the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology of the University of Turin has chosen CGM Italia as a technical partner for the development of this important research project aimed at improving the management of the disease affecting millions of Italians, using professionalism, pharmacist access and the support of a single integrated platform to manage all the services that can be offered in the pharmacy – Says Alessandro Avisa, GM of CGM PHARMAONE and Country Director of CompuGroup Medical Italia. Through this initiative, CGM Italia emphasizes the role of the pharmacist’s strategic partner, supporting him in providing a 360-degree service to the citizen, able to ensure timely, effective and sustainable care.”

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