Tottenham-Sporting, Comte furious: “This time Var has done the damage, the club must make themselves heard”

Tottenham-Sporting, Comte furious: “This time Var has done the damage, the club must make themselves heard”

The Tottenham boss questioned the last-minute winner’s goal being disallowed: “When I don’t see honesty I get angry, the score was 2-1 regular. Now what happens if we go out?”

By our correspondent David Cinellato

Antonio Conte irritated. His team Tottenham drew 1-1 with Sporting, seeing a chance to win the pass to the round of 16 of the Champions League with an early round canceled when Phar disallowed Harry Kane’s winning goal in the 95th minute for offside. “They did a lot of damage to us, they took a regular target. I want to see what happens if we go out next week,” the Tottenham boss told a telegram news conference.

very angry

Conte is really angry. Also because in the 99th minute, after a lengthy review of the goal (Kane’s position was judged erratic, based on Royal’s help, only after a technological rework showing Kane’s knee millimeters ahead of Royal’s body), he was sent off due to protests. “Everyone came out and the referee sent me – said Conte in the press room -. I think there are times when you have to be smart. A normal goal is disallowed because the ball is in front of Kane. You have to be smart.”


Then the Tottenham coach passed the goal to VAR. “I don’t know why, but this year we’re not so lucky with VAR, neither in the Premier League nor in the Champions League – that’s Conte’s explosion -. I think Var did damage this time. I want to see if it was a decision like that, to cancel a crucial goal In the 95th minute, it could be taken against a great team, in a great stadium, in an important match. I want to see if Farr was brave to make such a decision. I’m angry: I don’t see sincerity in such a situation and when I don’t see him I get angry.”

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What if …

Conte goes further, calling on Spurs to listen to him. “This decision is causing us enormous harm and I hope the club understands this and speaks the right way to whoever is speaking. Otherwise, the coach is only left to complain. The club must be strong, and make his voice heard because this decision has caused great harm to us. Now we have to wait for the last game in Marseille: We don’t know what will happen next week. I want to see what happens if we go out…”. This goal by Kane, canceled by millimeters, promises to torture Conte for a long time to come.

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