Lukaku, Roma outperforms Juventus on loan. Inter is waiting for Pavard

Lukaku, Roma outperforms Juventus on loan.  Inter is waiting for Pavard

The latest transfer market news today, August 25, 2023, and today’s negotiations with contracts, sales, and transfers for Milan, Inter, Juventus, Roma, Napoli, other Serie A teams, and foreign teams. Updated Serie A transfer schedule.

Common Market: Alexis Sanchez has arrived in Milan and is ready for visits and signings. For Pavard, crucial hours, there is an agreement, but Bayern is holding back, waiting for the alternative. Inter will still be waiting but there is a last minute alternative which could be Schurz

AC Milan news: For Ikitiki, the agreement with Paris Saint-Germain, who will be in contact with Eintracht for an exchange with Mwani, is complicated. In the event that the French star does not arrive, Colombo will remain in the attack.

Juventus transfer market: Berardi has now jumped in with the player back in training with Sassuolo. Always stop Morata in case of Ken Orr’s departure, which is also crucial in Bonucci’s sale. Lukaku seems destined to fade away forever.

Roma transfer market: The Iranian attacker Azmoun has arrived in the capital and will complete the Giallorossi offensive. Road to Lukaku reopened: Chelsea are open for loan and the Belgian striker, who does not want to wait any longer for Juventus, would be in favor of a move to the yellows and reds. But in the Belgian there are many clubs.

Napoli transfer market: After the failure of the rush for Jabri Vega who underwent medical examinations and is ready for the Arab signature, the market may remain at a standstill in the past few days. Copminers have been defined as non-transferable by Atalanta, and there is currently no negotiation for Samardzic.

Roma are ahead of Juventus for Lukaku: the Belgian’s loan is coveted by other clubs

As the days went by, Lukaku’s situation became more specific. Chelsea, backed by the wall, have opened their doors to the striker on loan as long as it is stressful. That is why, according to the latest rumors from Sky, Roma may be able to score points by paying the player’s salary and a small sum for a temporary transfer. The Giallorossi are ahead of Juventus at the moment, and they can count on their discretion as well. However, also beware of other foreign clubs, who are interested in the possibility of a loan.

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Monza strikes in midfield: Akpa Akpro arrives on loan

Monza delivers an important blow: Akpa Akpro arrives from Lazio. Midfield reinforcement for Rafael Palladino. Bypass Empoli: The Ivorian player arrives on loan with the right to buy.

Lukaku is no longer waiting for Juve: he has asked for a transfer to Roma

Romelu Lukaku is no longer waiting for Juventus. This indiscretion was reported by The Telegraph, who today wrote how the Belgian striker told the Chelsea management that he no longer wanted to wait for the Black and White and was going to ask the London management to define his move to Roma on a temporary basis. Basis.

Frosinone wants Caio Jorge: the essence is participation

Frosinone wants to bring striker Caio Jorge to Stadio Di Francesco. Juventus is available but the problem remains the signing: Juventus should contribute in part but they are not entirely convinced of this situation.

Tuchel will not give up Pavard, Inter wants to close the deal by Monday

Inter reached an agreement with Pavard and Bayern Munich, worth 30 million plus 3 bonuses, but the German club continues to demand time: the reason is Thomas Tuchel, who does not want to let the French defender go and would have rejected some of the proposed profiles. by the company as possible replacements. If he does not approach the deal now, the player will arrive next year anyway, but Inzaghi would prefer to include him immediately. Inter wants to close by Monday.

Lukaku could leave Chelsea on loan, and Roma and Juve are ready to attack

Romelu Lukaku could leave Chelsea on loan. David Ornstein, The Athletic’s journalist, states that the Belgium striker could leave London on loan with commitment or outright loan plus commission costs. These conditions will be ideal for Roma and Juventus, who will remain in the Big Rom window.

Inter transfer market, the countdown begins for Pavard: Plan B is ready

Bayern Munich is making a lot of effort and Inter is also considering delaying the agreement reached with Benjamin Pavard in January. The doors will remain open until next weekend, but if Tuchel tries again to find a replacement to force the German champions club, the Nerazzurri will withdraw. “Plan B” is ready: it concerns Chorus, from Turin, which will cost a little less but a lot, about 30 million.

Napoli transfer market: After Gabry Vega’s insolence, we can stop

Gabri Vega is the Spanish talent for Celta Vigo, taken from Naples.

Gabri Vega is the Spanish talent for Celta Vigo, taken from Naples.

And with Jabri Vega farewell to the 21-year-old, who chose Arab money, the Napoli market could stop in the past few days. There was an option for Copmineers but Atalanta deemed it non-transferable at the moment. For Samardzic, on the other hand, there have been no real negotiations whatsoever, and at the moment no offers have been made for Udinese or for the player.

Juventus transfer market, Kane towards sale: The Morata trio is ready

The departure of Keane, who is now coming, with Giuntoli working from hour to hour, will favor the trio of Morata, a true Allegri disciple who can’t wait to embrace the Spanish striker again and who will face his third black and white adventure. For Kane at the moment, the hottest path remains the English one, in the Premier League: there is Fulham who have moved forward but no official offer to impress Juve.

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Rome, the latest market news: Azmoun signs today

The Iranian Azmoun is a complete player for the Giallorossi club: he arrived Thursday evening at Ciampino and today he will undergo medical examinations and then sign his new contract, making himself available to Mourinho. 12-13 million will go to Bayer Leverkusen in case of redemption at the end of the season.

Milan and Ikiteki transfer market is moving away

Paris Saint-Germain will have an agreement in principle with Eintracht Frankfurt to sell Ikitiki in an exchange deal for the emerging champions. Under the Eiffel Tower can arrive Kolo Maoni, a 24-year-old French striker who is getting married in France. This means that the Rossoneri attack could remain the same: even Colombo could remain in Milanello at this point.

Latest transfer market news: Today’s negotiations, August 25th

Inter are still waiting for Pavard but not to the bitter end: the Nerazzurri are still waiting for the weekend but have already drawn up plans for a possible replacement, such as Schors from Turin. Alexis Sanchez arrived in Milan and will sign today, as well as Aznum, who arrived in the capital to undergo medical examinations and sign for Roma under Mourinho.

Milan’s market stagnates after the blows of the past few weeks: Iquitiki has been considered but is increasingly remote, so Colombo could stay. The same atmosphere in Naples after the insolence of Gabri Vega, who preferred the Arabian Peninsula: no new negotiations on the horizon.

Juventus working on transfers: Kane and Bonucci are the top names. For Revenue, Murata is selected if the front seat becomes available.

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