“No capital increase until 2025”

“No capital increase until 2025”

We learned about this from the minutes of the shareholders’ meeting at which the new Juventus club board of directors was appointed.

A three-year period of “austerity” has officially begun at Juventus. According to what was stated in Shareholders’ meeting minutes On January 18, the club’s new board of directors was appointed until 2025 In fact, no further capital increases are envisaged To cover any losses or financing market transactions. “The question has nothing to do with the items on the agenda, and it is also asked to candidates who have not yet assumed the position of director on the company’s board of directors – the answer to the question related to the issue of the capital increase carried out by a shareholder in the club –. In any case, the company points out that the three-year plan for the years 2022/23 2024/25, which was approved by the company in June 2022, does not provide for the implementation of capital increases.“.

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For this season and for the next two seasons, Juventus will have to “finance themselves”. In fact, the new board of directors has no plans to raise new capital, a practice that has instead brought in recent years an initial tranche of 300 million in 2019 and a second of 400 million by the end of 2021. close it It will definitely affect the club’s next moves Both regarding Payroll managementboth of them Market entry and exit operations.

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As for the question capital gainsand conviction Juventus You acted correctly. The Company confirms that it remains satisfied, also bearing in mind the legal and accounting investigations conducted by the Company on the basis of opinions issued by independent experts, Acted in compliance with the laws and regulations governing financial reportingin accordance with applicable accounting standards and relevant application standards and in line with international practices of the football industry, ”the text published by“ Calcio & Finanza ”reads in response to a question from another shareholder during the meeting.

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