Festival of communication between memory, science and innovation – news

Festival of communication between memory, science and innovation – news

The tenth edition of the Communications Festival, from September 7 to 10 in Camogli, will be dedicated to the theme of memory and will bring together UniGe, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the IiT of Genoa and the great champions of the scientific world to discuss new discoveries, emerging technologies and cultural influences. How can we live with intelligent machines? What should we expect from the upcoming developments of artificial intelligence? And what does the latest scientific news say – and imply – about our past and our genetic history? A journey between research and technology, dedicated to discovering the new and above all to understanding how the innovations and discoveries we are talking about lead to equally new interpretations and nuances of the very concept of memory, between biology and the digital, from the dimension of open space to our human nature.

Among the eagerly awaited meetings is the meeting with Sahra Talamo, who worked for ten years at the Max Planck Institute with Nobel laureate Svante Pääbo and now runs a laboratory in Bologna specializing in carbon-14 dating, who will bring a lecture dedicated to the unforgettable prehistoric hour And the latest scientific research on the interaction between us and Neanderthals. Guido Barbugani, geneticist of the University of Ferrara, continues in this edition also the meetings of the multi-year trend of Homo sapiens dealing with racial alternatives and what it means to be a migratory species. Then, a lecture by Nello Cristianini, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath, UK, focused on living with intelligent machines. Expected meetings, among others, with Alessandro Barbero, Severgnini, Cottarelli, Meta (It), Tozzi, Elisa Palazzi, Dario Bressanini, Silvia Ferrara, Giorgio Vallortegara, Lorenzo Baglioni, Bergio Odiffredi, Licia Troisi, Luca Peri, Caterina Boccato and Federico Tadea. and Walter Riva. All events are free until seats last.

Reservations are required for some appointments, and reservations open on Monday 28 August at 12 noon.

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