Women’s European: Germany-France 2-1, semi-final decided by Alexandra Pope

Women’s European: Germany-France 2-1, semi-final decided by Alexandra Pope

And the German opened the scoring in the 40th minute, four minutes after the equalizer with an own goal through Froomes, and the winning goal came in the 76th minute. The last season on Sunday in Wembley against England

A final at Wembley between England and Germany, in men, is already part of history. And another article will be written on Sunday at 6 pm, when the German national team, thanks to its 2-1 victory over France, will challenge the host in the match that will award the European Women’s title. At Milton Keynes, the double of Alexandra Pope – who missed the last two European Championships through injury and hit again in 2021 – knocked out the team that started the season in the worst way. Italia. Germany, among the 12 editions of the European Championship, won eight, including (2009) in the final against England, who did not climb to the throne of Europe.

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The first 40 minutes of the first half weren’t great, with the only real shot in the mirror coming in the 21st minute from a free kick from Bob, who tried to surprise Berod Magen on his roster: not to be a good goalkeeper Juve. deceived. Then, two burners before the break. In the 40th minute, Germany – which did not have Buhl, a Covid positive – ahead: on Huth’s cross from the right, Popp arrived like a train and in a split put the ball under the bar, celebrating his fifth goal in the net. European Championship and sealed for the fifth match in a row. Four minutes later came the equalizer for France: on the right from the edge of Diani, the ball hit the post, then Froome hit the back and ended up in the net (the first goal Germany conceded in this European championship).

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In the second half, French coach Diacre Mallard was left in the locker room to enter Pasha high on the left with Diani in the middle. After Hoth’s left flank came out with difficulty, France began collecting scoring opportunities. The first in the 63rd minute, with Diani burning Heggring in the sprint and putting the ball in the middle: Pasha shot it away from Mathieu, who was in a better position, hit the right and found the rebound in Hendrich’s face. In the next corner, Pasha’s cross, Renard’s header and Frooms’ block. Diani herself, in the 67th minute, didn’t take advantage of Heggering’s mistake and kicked at the near post to find Red Frooms, but in France’s best moment, it was Germany who scored 2-1, again with Bob, whose time-taking chiefs at Mbok Path√© arrived at Meade At the top of the striker’s standings with six goals (four by headers), but above all he made the goal of the match. The last attack by France was useless, with Pasha and Mathieu’s attempts out of the mirror.


In the meantime, the schedule for the next Serie A tournament will be official tomorrow, the first since the introduction of professionalism: it starts on Saturday 27 August, with 10 teams initially participating. Only one limitation in the assembly: On the first day, the head-to-head matches between the top five ranked (Juventus, Roma, Milan, Sassuolo, Inter) last season could not be determined.

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