Live broadcast Sheriff Tiraspol – Inter: 0-0 Champions 2021/2022. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Bolshaya Sportivnaya Arena
    City: Tiraspol
    Capacity: 13460 spectators20:02

  • Welcome to the live match of the fourth day of the Champions League groups, Sharif and Inter face each other.20:02

  • There is very little time left for Sheriff Inter. A decisive match for the Nerazzurri in terms of qualification.20:02

  • Sherif formation (4-2-3-1): Athanasiades – Costanza, Arboleda, Dulanto, Cristiano – Ado, Thiel – Traore, Kolovos, Castaneda – Yakhchibuev.20:11

  • Internal formation (3-5-2): Handanovic-Skriniar, Ranokia, Bastogne-Darmian, Vidal, Brozovic, Barilla, Dimarco-Dzeko, Lautaro.20:06

  • Punch Sheriff: Basenko, Radilic, Belousov, Julian, S. Kojokari, M. Kojokaru, Bruno, Seledinik.20:10

  • Inner benches: Rado, Ranocchia, Perisic, Kolarov, Dambrosio, Dumfries, Gagliardini, Ficino, Sensi, Calhanoglu, Sanchez, Correa.20:07

  • Vernydub options: Yakhshiboev leads the attack, Castaneda prefeito Bruno, Kolovos is the attacking midfielder. Addo and Thill in the middle, Cristiano and Costanza at full backs.20:07

  • Inzaghi’s Choices: Couple Presentation by Lautaro and Dzeko. Space for Vidal in the middle of the field, and Darmian and Dimarco for the outside players. Perisic and Calhanoglu on the bench.20:08

  • Inter have lost only one of their last five Champions League away matches.20:12

  • 1′

    The first half of the SHERIFF-INTER. The match will be managed by German referee Zuer.21:00

  • 3′

    Starting the game at a slow pace, Inter managed the ball.21:03

  • 5′

    Cristiano’s cross from the left, Bastoni Kolovos expects.21:05

  • 6′

    Attempt from a distance from Traore, very high ball.21:06

  • 8′

    Vidal does not kick, but sends Lautaro, who misses the ball from the middle of the area.21:08

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  • 10′

    Restarting the hosts, Barilla rejects Cristiano’s cross.21:10

  • 12′

    Cristiano Darmian covers and also gets a lineup.21:12

  • 13′

    An epilogue from outside the Brozovic region, obscured by Arboleda.21:13

  • 15th’

    Barilla’s cross, Lautaro’s header is inaccurate.21:15

  • 17′

    Putting the ball by DiMarco, Cristiano heads the ball for a corner.21:17

  • 18 ‘

    Mutual chance! Demarco’s corner, Dzeko on the far post of the header does not frame the goal.21:18

  • 19 ‘

    Inter always insist with Dzeko: right-footed shot from the edge, the ball goes out at the bottom.21:20

  • 21′

    Arboleda risks disengaging, but wins the revival with Dzeko.21:21

  • 23 ‘

    Vidal puts pressure on Thiel, but the referee judges the Chilean’s interference as irregular and stops the match.21:24

  • 25 ‘

    Inter extended possession, Sharif is waiting in their half.21:25

  • 26 ‘

    Dzeko works as a bank, Dimarco svirgola ball.21:26

  • 28 ‘

    Mutual chance! Demarco’s corner, touching Athanasiades, Lautaro tries twice to no avail.21:28

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