Christmas Gifts for Two and a Half Luciano Spalletti

Christmas Gifts for Two and a Half Luciano Spalletti

SSC Napoli Transfer Market – One and a half Christmas gifts from the transfer market for Luciano Spalletti from De Laurentiis: names

SSC Napoli transfer market“Christmas Gifts for Spalletti,” Editorial By Gianluca DiMarzio Which evaluates Azzurri entry market for the month of January. The first gift for the boss Naples Get rid of it when you see the infirmary empty. While others have arrived from the market, or are about to arrive:Two purchases have already been identified, and others are under consideration. The blue club does not want to be unprepared for the opening of the January transfer market..

Napoli transfer market, Christmas gifts for Spalletti

as he says Gianluca DiMarzioSky Sport’s transfer market expert, there are many gifts from… birthday for Luciano Spalletti. We can say two and a half:

Napoli has identified the exchange he brought with Sampdoria Berezinsky In blue with the wording of the loan with the right of redemption. The operation also involved young Zanoli, who instead went to Blokirciato on loan.

Nikita also takes part in the operation Follow who returned to Napoli as the third goalkeeper, with Sirigu remaining.

Napoli are not satisfied and are also thinking about June: they have set their sights on the Moroccan midfielder OnaheWorld Cup champion in Qatar. The blue club started the first contacts with the agent. Angers makes a high assessment of the midfielder’s value: a figure between 20 and 25 million euros.

Luciano Spalletti

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