“True love is never too old”: taste and science at the Pasta Festival

“True love is never too old”: taste and science at the Pasta Festival

GRAGNANO (Na) – True love never cooks is the logo printed on the shirts of the brigades of chefs at the #PastaPoint of Via Roma, who, at their special stations, gave an unforgettable flavor to the 2022 edition of the Pasta Festival. And just as yesterday suggested by Pacheri, Mavaldin, and Topetti with beans and mussels, nirano and octopus are not overcooked (provided they are PGI), so the binge of thousands of customers has caught up to the four tasting stations to be able to try dishes from the second-round preparation of the event’s guest chefs. .

Yesterday’s Gragnano Pasta Festival, in an evening of record turnout and variety of performances, served delicacies not only for the palate but also for the eyes, soul and knowledge. The inhabitants of Gragnano maintain their city all year round – mayor Aniello D’Auria declares while he is fondled with his wife by the romantic and giant man of light in Piazza Amendola – this event only emphasized the extraordinary potential of this city and its great beauty. Afternoon, when MuPaG . was done [Museo della Pasta di Gragnano] It becomes a cultural saloon for discussing the Mediterranean diet, longevity and metavir, then the cultural doors, the artistic doors and the streets that turn in the evening into an open-air theatre.

“Pasta – says Carmen Coppola, director of internal medicine at the city hospital – contains properties that can also fight diabetes.” “We should not pay attention to the prolongation of aging – says Dr. Evelina Falci, the well-known face of Ray 1 – and that the Mediterranean diet works towards this goal.” Food production cannot be separated from favorable climates and the changes we are experiencing in recent years are also changing crops. In the second workshop Professor Renato Briganti raises the alarm for program presenter Veronica Maia: “Something has to be done, Italy is becoming a producer of mangoes, papayas and avocados with rising temperatures.” Journey to the Future, on the other hand, was suggested by speakers at the meeting on the Metaverse, that even avatars eat pasta. “The Metaverse – say experts Lucio Lamberti, Francesco Proia and Pietro Bonada – will open new opportunities for businesses and consumers to increase profits, spend more wisely, save time, and offer shopping and consulting experiences almost similar to physical ones.”

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However, there will be no virtual experience that can evoke feelings and surprises in every show organized between Rome, Via Tommaso Sorrentino, Via Pascual Nastro and Piazza Opry. Until tonight Gragnano will indeed be the city inhabited by artists and this festival has shown that when there is good organization, resources and skills intertwined, even crazy and ambitious projects can be realized. While acrobats fly and dance on a wire that keeps them hanging The bell tower of the Church of Corpus Domini, a few meters away, in the entrance there is a theatrical performance of the Comedy of Naples. On the other hand, the show, created in a small space, for a pianist and dancer accompanies tourists to see paintings and installations where the absolute hero is pasta.

A resident of Via Castellammare says: โ€œA party was not what it needed – but what this city deserved. We must make our land known to our children and instill in them a sense of belonging just as this event succeeds.โ€

A visual and emotional experience of great impact that amazes at every step that it is hard to believe that in those doors, in those windows and in those balconies, which have become little theatres, people live and look every day.

This festival, which also welcomes outstanding chefs every day who presents masterful cooking demonstrations in the “Pasta hub” tensile structure in Piazza Aldo Moro, Really for everyone because it breaks down all barriers, not just architectural ones. Above all, the brains are buried under semolina and water and hit hard with pins. Pasta is a universal language for everyone not just because it is good but because it is inclusive. While Olga, Fusilara’s 34-year-old niece, spins a handmade wick around the wire, Julio and several of his friends enjoy kneading butterflies and feathers. They are not impromptu pasta makers, as they take courses throughout the year, but the night is special because their handicap adds to the already numerous values โ€‹โ€‹of this event.

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