How many steps should you take per day to not gain weight according to science

How many steps should you take per day to not gain weight according to science

Even if we have learned to do this already between the first and second year of life, Walk It is becoming an increasingly neglected activity, especially for those who lead a more or less sedentary lifestyle, consisting of hours sitting at a desk between desk and smart work. Aware of the fact that it is one of the most innate and fundamental movements known to the human body, Walking is for all intents and purposes an activity that needs to be done on a daily basis For a number of beneficial reasons that include General well-being of mind and body. Leave the house for Walking works on the organism improve cardiovascular function, posture, respiration, mobility, and muscular endurance, And on the mood Favoring the release of stress and fatigue, deeper and more continuous sleep, and increased self-confidence.

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Although studies show it 10 minutes a day is enough to prolong life and feel betterRecently, science found The exact number of steps you should take per day To keep fit, not to gain weight, and in some cases lose weight.

Steps to take to stay fit, even in winter

Although the cold seasons are the most lethargic and, in terms of nutrition, the most refreshing, I walk every day It is certainly one of the best habits to acquire to prevent weight gain, along with a varied and balanced diet and Good hydration. To be precise, according to research conducted by him National Institutes of Health Our The exact number of steps you need to take each day in order not to gain weight It will reach 8600. The data, obtained from monitoring 6,000 patients over a four-year period, indicates The minimum number of steps recommended To stay healthy and maintain physical fitness, especially in adulthood and towards middle age, gaining one or two kilograms each year. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, consisting of a balanced diet rich in fiber and movement, the study also showed that centimeters can be lost from the waist circumference, which confirms The slimming power of walking.

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