Summer 2023 in Sassari with CeDAC – S&H ​​magazine

Summer 2023 in Sassari with CeDAC – S&H ​​magazine

Journey through ancient myths, ironic digressions, musical variations and scientific discoveries with a programSummer 2023 to Sassari CeDAC / Interdisciplinary Circle of Live Performance took place in Sardinia with the artistic direction of Valeria Ciabattoni and was created with the sponsorship and support of the Municipality of Sassari, Region of Sardinia, MiC / Ministry of Culture and a contribution from the Sardinian Foundation.

Four titles scheduled From 6 to 20 July In a suggestive scene from Saint Catherine Square to Sassaribetween an interesting and modern reinterpretation “Prometheus” to Aeschylus direction Gabriel Facesimages, sound “sketches”involving a concert with Jeep Naples and the bandakadabra And the tragic reflections and intertwining of words and notes de On the seventh day he rested, I did not. who and with Enrica Tsio And Andrea Mirountil “mathematics of the greeks” said before Bergorgio Odifridi Directed by Sergio Mifredi.

A fun and varied review designed for an en plein air stage in the heart of Tauretan and set in the rich calendar of appointments proposed by the Ministry of Culture: from the famous tragedy centered on a rebellious giant who gave men the gift of fire (and knowledge) defying the will of Zeus, to musical incursions into an ‘urban fanfare’ From Ennio Morricone to The Beatles; from theatrical version to “all the tiredness in the world” Written by Enrica Tessio embellished with songs by Andrea Miro, into a compelling narrative The origins of scientific thought Between the foundations of Euclidean geometry and Aristotelian logic, along with the intuitions of Thales, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, and Ptolemy about how to “measure” the world.

In the spotlight, artists such as blogger and writer Enrica TsioOn stage with the singer-songwriter Andrea Miromathematician and writer Bergorgio Odifridipercussionist Jeep Naples with the bandakadabra Hey young actors to PEM/multimedia evoked potentials – Davide Antinucci, Andrea Caiazzo, Chiara Dello Iacovu, Pietro Maccabe, Eva Meschi, Erika Nava, Enrica Ribaudo, Eduardo Ruti, Letizia Russo, Lorenzo Tombesi, Gabriele Valchera – Directed by Gabriel Facesone of the most important Italian directors, founder of the Laboratorio Teatro Settimo (UPO Award for “The Elements of the Structure of Feelings”, “The Story of Romeo and Juliet” and “The Story of Fagunte”) known to the general public (also) for the partnership with Alessandro Barco.

«This year we decided to bet on it Saint Catherine Square To organize summer events»- explainsCulture advisor Sassari municipality Laura Useri -. «A place surrounded by beautiful ruins, in the heart and complete historic city center. A way to make the space alive, valuable and better known. An ideal area for cultural initiatives that also comply with all safety regulations required in these situations. We are sure that citizens and tourists will appreciate it, thanks to the many services and institutions located in the region that allow you to perfectly combine culture and entertainment with local economic development.».

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«The summer program 2023 in Sassari is inspired by the idea of ​​bringing culture (also) outside of theaters, to revive and enhance the archaeological and architectural heritage of the island and to revive the historic center of the city thanks to an interesting and powerful appeal, with the protagonists of the Italian and international scene, as in the case of the historic “La Notte dei Poeti” festival»- confirms the technical director Valeria Ciabatoni -. «CeDAC Sardinia focuses on artistic value and on the differentiation of proposals aimed at a broad and cross-sectional audience, loving great prose and great masterpieces of theater history but also attentive and curious about novelties, with a special interest towards the younger generations.».

A space for the classics and contemporary plays, between the pathos of tragedy and the subtle humor of describing the actions of contemporary life, a musical theatrical diversion and the history of logical-mathematical thought in antiquity. In the summer of Sassari, four performances are scheduled in the name of lightness but also of civic commitment, with the moral dilemmas underlying “Prometheus” in the mise en faques scene and reflection on the importance of science in the age of spin doctors and fake news, a gap between the thousands of commitments and the difficult adventures of everyday life (or The other side of multitasking) along with surprisingly accurate selections of famous songs suggested by the overwhelming Bandakadabra.

Opening – Thursday July 6th At 21:00 – with a charming re-reading of “Prometheus” to Aeschylus: an offer Gabriel Faces And Roberto Tarasco With me young actors to PEM extension To rediscover the magic of ancient tragedy. «In Greek mythology, the gods defeated their ancestors, the titans, and Zeus became ruler of Olympus with the help of Prometheus»- reads the offer -«So Prometheus, the son of a giant, is a young man who rebels against his parents. It is that the gods entrust him with the task of creating man. We’re at the beginning. It is a small period, consisting of expectations and desire». In the drama of Aeschylus, Prometheus, accused of stealing fire to give it to men, is chained to a rock, while his liver is devoured by an eagle: the son of a Cyclops becomes a symbol of knowledge “freed from the chains of superstition and “ignorance.” And at the same time rebellion against power.
In the spotlight are Davide Antinucci, Andrea Chiazzo, Chiara Dello Iacovu, Pietro Maccabi, Eva Meschi, Erika Nava, Enrica Ribaudo, Eduardo Ruti, Letizia Russo, Lorenzo Tombisi and Gabriele Valchera, directed by Gabriele Faques, with scenography by Robertasco. Di Gianni and Enrica Ribaudo Choirs, produced by Nidodiragno / CMC – PEM / Multimedia Evoked Potentials.

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Attractive Story of Paintings on String Notes – Wed July 12th At 21:00 – with “sketches”a comedy-theatrical-musical show with surreal, dark, and dadaistic undertones Jeep Naples and the Bandakadra, a wonderful and eclectic composition of wind and percussion instruments capable of contrasting different genres and styles. “Urban buzz” – according to the journalist Carlo Petrini’s happy definition – this mattress Jack Bartucci on sax Elijah Conte on the trumpet Jeep Naples percussion, Mido Al-Husseini on sousaphone, Paul Ensera ambush with Julius Beulah on trumpet (also original arrangements by him) e Daniel Raimondi On Trombone, an anthology of famous and lesser-known pieces, reinterpreted in a contemporary key. “sketches” It is an accurate conversion.A series of ‘musical pictures’, of small unique works linked together by a mental association mechanism, quotation, Chinese boxes, or more simply by a chord in B flat». The common thread, of course, is music, a universal language that makes it possible, in a game of free and imaginative combinations, to unite completely different worlds: «The reference to the Western atmosphere and the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone soon turns into a song by The Beatles which in turn becomes an opportunity to reflect satirically. On the “toxicity” of smartphones and the unfortunate love lives of “failed” musicians ».

Satire on stage between words and music – Thursday July 13th At 21:00 – with On the seventh day he rested, I did not.Presentation created and interpreted by the blogger and writer Enrica Tsioformer author of “Tutta la tiredness in the world” (Bompiani, 2022) and singer-songwriter Andrea Miro, to narrate in two voices is almost a public diary of the acrobatics and “efforts” of everyday life. An intriguing theatrical musical show in which two talented artists highlight the complexity and contradictions of the present, in the modern civilization of appearances, where technology is support and torment at the same time, in need to always prove itself to the task, to build oneself. A private and professional image, without being able to stop or take a break. «None of us can quit our tiredness»- reads the offer -«We are the multitaskers who have become “multitaskers”… who scroll through social media pages to measure other people’s lives… and in the evenings take their computers to the bedroom to watch a series and in the meantime reply to the latest email. Those who, for the sake of rest, must focus». The lyrics are full of humor Enrica Tsio Find the sound inconsistency in the songs suggested by Andrea Mirobetween original pieces and quotes, from Reno Gaetano to Giorgio Jabeur, to Niccolo Fabi, even to Lucio Dalla, «To celebrate, in music, in praise of slowness».

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Final in the name of science and philosophy – Thursday July 20th At 21:00 – with “mathematics of the greeks” said before Bergorgio OdifridiDirected by Sergio MifrediTo rediscover the seminal works and authors of antiquity and their influence on Western culture (and beyond). «Just as Homer’s “Iliad” and Plato’s “Odyssey” and “Dialogues” tower over the visible face of Greek culture, the first arrangements of Western mathematics and logic stand majestically on the hidden face: Euclid’s “Elements” and Aristotle’s “Organon”. Travel stories, not moral or ethical personal opinions, but objective and impersonal descriptions of accurate discoveries, destined to remain constant, unchanged over the centuries.»- mentions in the presentation Bergorgio Odifridi, university professor and writer, author of popular articles and texts aimed at a wider audience -. «Greek culture has a hidden face, like the moon: it is the face of the scientific rationality of Thales, Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, Hipparchus and Ptolemy. And their thought is the true root of Western civilization, as well as the basis of technology that dominates our lives».
greek mathematics It is a project from before Sergio Mifredi And Bergorgio Odifridi (Produced by the Teatro Publico Ligure) that traces the history of logical mathematical thought through anecdotes, illuminating intuitions, and rigorous performances, in a fascinating and engaging narrative.

Tickets: single seat 18 euros – participation for 4 performances – 50 euros. For information and reservations: the cell. 339/1560328 –

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