Benedetta Rossi, her husband Marco was presented to her by horse: it seems impossible, but it really is

Benedetta Rossi, her husband Marco was presented to her by horse: it seems impossible, but it really is
Benedetta Rossi and Marco Gentile Soluspitacolo (Source Instagram)

The love between food blogger Benedetta Rossi and Marco Gentile was born thanks to a horse. Woman’s story.

Blessed Russian! It’s famous Food bloggers Excellent from the Marches, those which, when introducing each recipe, he shows so well and which have become his hallmark.

It begins practically by chance what will be a career and fortune. Passion comes from afar. When she was only two years old, her grandmothers and aunts theatrically involved her in preparing meals, letting her tinker with flour.

Today it boasts dozens of recipe books, a YouTube channel, social media profiles followed by thousands of fans and some active programs including the now famous one. Home made by Benedetta. Wow, but the chef always stayed With your feet on the ground.

Congrats! Precisely for this reason it is simple and unpretentious. In fact, he admits courier: “They criticized me for not being classy enough. I’m a very ordinary girl. I don’t feel like calling myself a YouTuber or a food influencer. I feel close to social networks. I post what motivates me. I’m the one who shares. I’ve absorbed my ways.” Sharing is from the peasant world. You help the neighborhood. If you make the cake, bring the recipe.”


He also had the opportunity to say it several times Blessed Russian! She never thought of being a chef; At first with her husband already Mark Gentiles They produce the soap on the wonderful farm they bought and renovated at the parades. But yes, from the beginning it was her husband who supported and encouraged her and stayed close to her at all times.

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Since 1997, the couple tied the knot in 2009 in Hawaii as she makes it clear “The idea of ​​a traditional wedding didn’t work for us.” A love that lasted 25 years.

Benedetta and Marco as friends-Solospettacolo (Source of Instagram)

Blessed Russian! and Marco Gentile together thanks to the horse

But if men grab each other by the throat, don’t think a good cook is like Blessed Russian! won it Mark Gentiles with special recipes or sexual stimulants. Indeed, the man revealed: “I’ll be honest. Like her, I also have simple tastes, so when you say ‘Come on, let’s make polenta together,’ it makes me happy.”

How did they meet? Jailbird was horse, Actually, more than one. to Today is another day there Food bloggers open: “We met because there was a riding school on his family’s farm and I wanted to go horseback riding. She was helpful.” months of walking. He had a daring way of acting, I didn’t like him so much, and then he convinced me of his sweetness.”

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