Focus on Science for the Future: “Choice This Field Makes”

Casal Monferrato. “Thanks to the science and preparation given to me by the Sobrero Higher Institute in Casal, I have traveled half the world, from Taiwan to Texas, and encountered students from all over the world. An electrification experience also opened avenues for me for the future.”

The certificate comes from Chiara Vegazulu, winner of the science fair in Taipei (Taiwan) when she was attending the fourth grade of the High School of Applied Sciences; He presented it remotely at the meeting organized by the Department of Rapid Circuit (Union of Scientific Societies) because Sobrero, headed by Riccardo Rota, was chosen as the reference center in Italy. This opens many doors for children for years to come.

Because choosing a science path can be not only satisfying, but also the right choice to find work more easily, in different fields ranging from industry to food. The experts outlined the paths of future chemists or physicists, and urged students to dedicate themselves to these sciences as well to promote the environmental transition that the very young would desire.

Now Chiara Vegazzolo is in the final year of her PhD in nucleic acid chemistry at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and has founded the online science journal Pilettes. Appointed by the President of the Republic to the post of Alvear del Lavoro. Engaging in science “pays off,” he explained.

This was also confirmed by former student Enrico Caprioglio, winner of the I-Sweep Fair in Houston. “I studied theoretical physics at University College London and worked for the International Youth Science Forum in London for five sessions,” he said. Making the decision to become a scientist can open up many possibilities. This was the purpose of the meeting: to make the children understand how ideal this option could be.

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There were also the testimonies of Mario Marchiona, member of the Italian Chemical Society, Matteo Guidotti, a researcher at Cnr, and Alberto Peri, Secretary General of Lent since 1986, who has given birth to several associations devoted to European research and to Superrero and has explained the competitions promoted by FAST.

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