Electricity bill, risk of fine of 600 euros: here are the reasons

In the electric bill there is not only the supply but the fee as well. Failure to pay can result in a very severe penalty. That’s what it is.

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The Rai license fee It has become, since 2016, a practically mandatory tax. This is included in the electric bill. Which leads to most people having to pay for it automatically. The change was due to the fact that many citizens did not pay the fee. Now, however, we find ourselves possessing 9 euro Plus on each bill for ten months.

The law is required the moment a person has one the television He is the owner of electricity. In this regard, the Revenue Agency asserts: “Anyone who owns a television set is obligated to pay the fee. A television set means a device capable of to receiveAnd Decrypt NS an offer The terrestrial or satellite digital signal, directly or through an external decoder or tuner.”

But there are ways to not pay the fees. Anyone who does not meet the requirements can do a self-certification. Should be not paying the fee then The power company reported it to the national grid. On the other hand, for those who declare a mistake, the punishment can really be Salad.

Bills of exchange How much is the fine in case of non-payment of fees?

We know that many still do not pay the fee. Everything happens through a self-certification that subtracts the figure from the handout. But if it doesn’t validate, checks will be triggered. Investigations can result in a fine of not less than 200€ max 600. In addition to the fine, the declaration of fraud can also result Two years in prison. Why would he violate Law 445.

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You still have to pay if you have one the television ma Not an electrical utility contract. Here you have to pay with F24. Payment must be separate. Here, too, a fine can be imposed in case of non-payment. Also pay attention to those who live in them Municipalities not connected to the national electricity grid. For example, Capri, Favignana, Lipari, etc. Again, the payment must be manually Because the amount will not appear on the invoice.

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While exemption from fees for subjects over 75 years old Maximum annual income €6713. For anyone exceeding the number, the exemption is triggered by the presence of permanent domestic workers. Not included in TVs either wave NS Computer.

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