Emmanuel Filiberto and his relationship with his wife Clotilde Corau: “Betrayal? Love is stronger than slander

Emmanuel Filiberto and his relationship with his wife Clotilde Corau: “Betrayal?  Love is stronger than slander

Emmanuel Filiberto and Clotilde Corauwho became husband and wife on September 25, 2003, They are about to celebrate twenty years of marriage I was happy with the birth of two daughters: victoryQueen of a non-existent Italian throne, and he knows. In view of the important event, the heir to the House of Savoy, is a guest very rightHe talked about his family and about her as well Rumors raise from time to time a crisis – due to his alleged infidelities – with the actress of French origins. In the past, especially the two alleged He opposes Dominated the pages of crime news: in 1992 one with Francesca Delerain 2010 with Kate Moss. More recently, last July, a magazine published a photo showing Emmanuel kissing the singer on the mouth Nadia LanfranconiMel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend.

After being pressed by Silvia Tuvanen about the rumors about his alleged infidelities, Emanuel declared, without going any further: “I have boyfriends and girlfriends. Clotilde and I have great mutual trust There were definitely difficult moments“In 20 years of marriage, it is inevitable.” But Tuvanin stressed that it is difficult to see the heir to the House of Savoy with his wife, and explained: “We are together as much as possible but not too much, she is mostly on tour“Our daughters are abroad, so we often find ourselves in England.”

Emmanuel admitted that his marriage had its ups and downs, “but the important thing is to protect yourself because that is how married couples are.” I do not regret a second of my life with Clotilde. We grew up together and we are partners. After twenty, we have reached the stage of proper maturity. A more beautiful relationship than the one at the beginning.” The landlady came back up: “Have you had to forgive yourself for something in life?”I ask for forgiveness and thanks every day“, replied Emanuele Filiberto, evading the question. Then making sure it was him Betrayal will be forgiven him “because love is much stronger than escape.”». Toffanen concluded the interview with hurtful words: “I have always said that Clotilde is a saint, and I must talk to her without you.”

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It won’t be easy. The actress is known for her reserve. However, she also did two years ago, in a very rare interview with todayShe wanted to clarify the recurring rumors about a crisis with her husband. To repeat all the love that binds them: «We are very different with Emmanuel, but at the same time we are sincerely united. We are a family, we have two wonderful daughters, and helping them build the future is very important to both of us. Life is not a fairy tale, but a struggle. And those of us who live in reality know this well… Love, ultimately, is a continuous building through open dialogue, empathy, and mutual devotion, even through differences… I love Emmanuel deeply and this will be for life».

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