Live Shooting, World Championships 2023 Live: China’s Zhang’s gold in the 10-meter pistol! Vicaro struggles to rehabilitate the ladies

Live Shooting, World Championships 2023 Live: China’s Zhang’s gold in the 10-meter pistol!  Vicaro struggles to rehabilitate the ladies

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115.54: Around 12.30 the second part of the race will start

11.52: These are the top eight in the standings at the moment but there are still several shooters who will be on the podium soon, including the other two Blues, Maria Varicchio and Chiara Giancamelli:

1 2747 Khamis Vinh Road 94 98 98 97 95 97579
2 1262 LI Xue CHN 95 98 97 95 97 96578
3 1664 Fabian Sarah Rachel Hoon 97 95 95 97 98 96578
1966 Kim Bumi Cor 96 95 96100 95 94576
5 2686 LAGAN Alexis USA 95 94 97 96 97 97576
6 2592 YU Ai Wen TPE 97 93 97 96 97 96576
7 1859 Aizawa Hikaru JPN 93 96 95 99 98 92573
8 1530 JEDRZEJEWSKI Camille FRA 92 97 93 95 97 99573

10.50: Margherita Brigida Ficcaro closes the qualifiers in 40th place with 561 points. Obviously, she won’t be in the final. This is the blue string sequence:

40 1843 VECCARO Margherita Brigida ITA 93 95 98 91 92561

11.37: Another series with a lot of inaccuracy for Veccaro who stops at 92 on the fifth series and still 38th

11.28: Blue Veccaro is pulled out of potential round beat, who scores 91 in the fourth string and collapses to 34th

11.17: 3rd quality series for blue Veccaro who with 98 points rises to 18th place with a total of 286

11.15: Gold for China with Boeing Zhang 244.3 points, silver for Serbian Damir Mikic 240.8 points, bronze for Bulgarian Kirill Kirov with 215.7 points.

11.12: Bronze medal for Bulgarian Kirov, finishing with a score of 215.7. Zhang 223.7, Mikec 220.8 when the last shots are missing

11.09: Turkey’s Kelis stopped at the foot of the podium with 197.5 points, one point short of third place. Zhang with 203.1, Mikik with 201.3, Kirov with 198.4

11.07: Fifth place for the Chinese Liu, which ended with a score of 176.4. Four left: Chang with 183.1, Michik with 180.3, Kirov with 179.2, Kelis with 177.7

11.03: The Swiss Solari literally collapses and drops from third to sixth place by two notes not getting to that point. He is sixth with 157.8. In the lead Zhang, Kirov, Mikich

11.02: Second series of the 95 for Veccaro, who rises slightly to 34th place. The first half of the 10m pistol qualifiers are currently competing

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11.00: Despite two good shots, Bulgarian Donkov could not avoid disqualification, he is seventh with a score of 138.2. Zhang is in the lead, ahead of Kirov and Solari

10.57: The first elimination is the German Walter with a score of 116.4, seven remaining

10.54: He finished the ten courts of the first stage of the men’s final. The Bulgarian Kirov came in the lead with a score of 101.7, the Chinese Zhang the second with 100.3, and the third was the Turkish Kelis with a score of 100.0.

10.52: Qualification for the women’s 10m pistol has also started. Away after the first series, so far the only blue on the podium, Veccaro, with 93 points in the first series

10.49: After the first 5 shots, the Turkish Keles advanced with 51.6, ahead of the Serbian Mikec 51.3, and the third Chinese Zhang with 50.1

10.45: Men’s 10m pistol final starts

9:49 The LIVE LIVE transcript of the men’s 10 meter pistol qualifications ends here. Thank you for following the event in our company. To all OA Sport friends and readers Have a nice continuation of the day.

9:48 Federico Nello Maldini is 19th with a score of 578, Paolo Mona is 22nd with a score of 578, Luca Tesconi is 79th with a score of 570.


1- Zhang Bowen CHN 98 97 99 96 97100587
2- Walter Rubin Gere 97 97 98 97 99 98586
3- Solari Jason Sui 98 98 97 95 98 99585
4- Mekek Damir SRB 96 96 98 98 97 98583
5- Kirov Kirill Paul 96 98 98 97 97 96582
6- Liu Junhui CHN96 98 99 98 95 96582
7- KELES Ismail TUR 98 98 94 96 98 98582
8- DONKOV Samuel Bol 96 99100 98 93 96582

9:41 The last stage of this second qualifying round for the men’s 10-meter pistol. Let’s wait a few minutes before we get to know the eight finalists.

9:38 570 (92 + 95 + 94 + 98 + 95 + 96) for Luca Tesconi. There will be no blue in the final, which begins in just over an hour.

9:35 Federico Nilo Maldini closes out with a score of 578 (97+96+95+96+98+96) and ends his day in competition here.

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9:32 Italy is officially out of the Men’s 10m Pistol World Cup Final.

9:28 95 by Luca Tesconi in the penultimate series. Race is very fickle for a forty-one year old Pietrasanta.

9:24 Maldini falls in the finale of the fifth series, putting on an excellent 98, lifting himself to a total of 482. Blue must put on 100 and hope, a virtually impossible task.

9:20 Maldini tries! 50 out of 50 in the first half of Emilian’s fifth series.

9:18 Luca Tesconi’s fourth series is excellent. Tuscan puts a great 98 but pushes to start below expectations.

9:14 Maldini goes up to 384 when the last two strings are missing. The Bologna shooter will have to get a clear path to qualify. Unfortunately, hopes for an Italian player in the final are dwindling more and more.

9:09 Maldini hit back, hitting an excellent 48 in the middle of the fourth string.

9:05 End of the third string also for Luca Tesconi, who raised his score to 281.

9:02 Federico Nello Maldini, who closes the third shooting series, retreats with 95 points. 288 total in the middle of the game for the Blues, he now forced a perfect limit to be included in the eight finalists.

8:58 95 instead to Luca Tesconi, which adds up to the initial 92. The Tuscan is at the back of this qualifying course for the Men’s 10m Pistol.

8:54 It’s a little worse than Federico Nello Maldini’s debut series. Emilian got a good 96, but now he must necessarily avoid misses.

8:50 38 Also to Luca Tesconi when there are six shots remaining at the end of the second string.

8:46 2 9s 10 seconds to Maldini with the first four shots of the second string. Bolognese must maintain a high level of concentration.

8:42 92 Rather for Luca Tesconi, so he broke away from the best from the start.

8:38 Federico Nilo Maldini completed the first series with 97 points. An excellent starter for a blue who never dips below 9, is found on three occasions, and then only gets 10.

8:34 Maldini got off to a good start, immediately finding three top-tens at the start of the first string, while Tesconi Test, on the other hand, got 25 with the first three pitches. We are still in the very early days for these qualifiers.

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The semi-finals begin

8:29 A few moments before the start of the second half of the semi-final. Eyes on China’s Junhui Liu and Xie Yu, among the candidates for final success.

8:26 Luca Tesconi is also enrolled in the competition, who will go with Federico Nello Maldini in search of qualification in the men’s 10m pistol final.

8:23 The first place goes to one of the candidates on the eve of the match, the Chinese Buen Chang, with 587 points. 586 and the second place for the German Robin Walter, and the third with 585 the Swiss Jason Solari.

8:19 In the first session, which took place at 6.30, there was nothing to be done for Paolo Mona. The Blue finished in 13th place with a score of 578. The third series of 93 was decisive in negativity.

8:15 Good morning, and welcome back to the live scripted broadcast of the 2023 Shooting World Championships in Baku. The first qualifying course for the men’s 10m pistol has already ended. 8.30 to two with Federico Nilo Maldini.

Good morning and welcome Live transcript of the first day of the 2023 World Archery Championships. In Baku (Azerbaijan) we start with qualifications 10 meters men. The World Championship will also award 4 country cards for each discipline, in light of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Present for Italy Paolo Mona and Federico Nello Maldini. The Azzurri will try to restore the last edition that was held in Cairo, in which they failed to face the final. Archers to beat the Chinese Liu Junhui, Xie Yu and Zhang Bowen. Eyes are also on outgoing bronze medalist Pavlo Korostilov of Ukraine, and South Korean Lee Wonho.

The Men’s 10m Pistol Qualifiers will begin at 6:30 with the first round, and will continue at 8:30 with the decisive session. There will be no television coverage, but it will be possible to follow the broadcast of the Specialized Finals on the ISSFTV Youtube channel. OA Sport will bring you a live, minute-by-minute scripted broadcast of the action starting at 8.30.

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