May 29, 2023

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In the stadium Empoli Lecce 1-0 Live broadcast and photos – Football

The start of the Empoli-Lecce match has been postponed to 19:30 for safety reasons. The reason was that a fire broke out in the home team’s locker room area.

Empoli Lecce 1-0 Live is The first postponement is on Monday the 28th day of Serie A



Put the four defeats in a row behind you and resume the march toward the goal of redemption. Lecce Marco Baroni, in the postponement at Empoli, will try to move up the standings and win heavy points with the aim of remaining in Serie A. “Empoli is a team similar to ours, with the difference they have already shown. Maintaining this class – this is what Baroni declared in the usual conference on the eve of the match. He has two interesting young players, the right spirit: we are two very similar teams. It is difficult to predict the result, we will face each other In a match in which the difference will be made by the opponent’s rings and a great desire to start over like them.”

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