An indictment has been requested for Juventus, Agnelli and 11 other suspects

An indictment has been requested for Juventus, Agnelli and 11 other suspects

The ruling also affects Nedved, Arrivabene and Paratici. The locations of four former suspects have been removed

The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office has submitted indictment requests Juventusunderstood as a legal person, Andrea Agnelli and 11 other suspects As part of the Prisma investigation. The request, more precisely, in addition to the club and the now ex-Juventus president, belongs to the former vice-president Pavel Nedved, Fabio ParaticiMarco Re, Stefano Bertola, Stefano Serrato, Cesar Gapaccio, Maurice Arrivabeneand Francesco Roncaglio, Enrico Villano, Stefania Bochetti, and Roberto Grossi. Instead, the names of Paolo Picati, Nicoletta Barracini and Silvia Lerici have been removed. The Public Prosecution also abandoned the appeal against the investigating judge’s decision not to approve pre-trial detention measures: Prosecutors had previously requested that Agnelli and other executives be removed from the position, leading him to risk approving another distorted budget (repeating the offense), a demand that failed with the resignation of the president and board.

The allegations on which the request to file an indictment is based are those already contained at the conclusion of the preliminary investigations: artificial capital gains, false news regarding the salary issue, false accounting, false corporate communications, market manipulation, and fraudulent advertisements using invoices to non-owners. – Existence of operations and obstacles in front of the regulatory authorities. From now on, the Gup has five days to schedule a hearing — in 30 days — when the judge himself will decide whether to start the procedure that will lead to trial or whether to deny the request. Thus, the date of any operation will necessarily be known before the next meeting of shareholders held on January 18, 2023, at which the new Board of Directors and the new Chairman will be appointed in the person of Gianluca Ferrero.

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