Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite, 50% off on Amazon: turn it on and get it

with 1.55 inch screen High resolution gives you greater possibilities to see all the details of the screen, for a greatly improved visual and tactile experience, fUp to 10 days of autonomy and independent GPSHe. She Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite It is one of the most sought after wearable devices at the moment. Today thanks promotion In progress, you can also become part of the family of Xiaomi devices by securing this real gem on its own blue crayon. So go up Amazon following this link And close the purchase for only 48 euros, with fast and free shipping via Firstly.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite Blue, what a discount!

The device supports i forwarding Four major systems global positioning. The integrated GNSS chipset provides improved performance for more accurate location tracking. Four major global positioning systems are supported: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BDS. On a sporting level, he is at his disposal 17 professional modesincluding HIIT and Yoga, to help you achieveThe fitness goal you want.

However, they are generally present Up to 100 intense training modes Which gives you more options and allows you to monitor more different parameters. For example, it monitors your sleep around the clock and provides detailed reports on deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep stages to help you see what’s going on while you sleep. The saturation level (SpO₂) indicates the amount of oxygen present in the blood. Get your SpO₂ measured anytime, anywhere for your peace of mind. It supports continuous monitoring of your SpO₂ while you sleep so that you have complete and long-term control.

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The built-in high-precision PPG sensor also allows you to do this Monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day and to send an alert when an abnormal heart rate is detected. Last but not least, the device Supports the new magnetic charging. Just one touch to charge your watch. The battery life is 10 days with normal use and 14 hours in the case of continuous use of GPS mode during exercise. So don’t hesitate and make your own This is an amazing wearable Unenviable well-known brands For only 48 euroswith raid and free shipments from Firstly.

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