Sampdoria – Parma 0-3: Final score and highlights

Sampdoria – Parma 0-3: Final score and highlights
  • Thank you for watching the live broadcast of this match with us, see you in the next round of the Second Division!22:27

  • Parma got things going in the first half despite a good performance from Sampdoria thanks to the penalty awarded by Mane after a controversial handball from Gonzalez and a goal by Mihaela. In the second half, the Blucerchiati tried to become dangerous but also scored the third goal, which was scored by Estévez after an assist from the new Charpentier. In the final, there was a good impact from young Ntanda, but it was not enough to avoid defeat22:26

  • The fourth match without a win for Sampdoria, led by Pirlo, as it conceded eight goals in the last two matches. However, Parma's positive momentum continues, achieving its eighth useful result in a row22:24

  • 90'+3'

    The curtain falls on Ferrari! Parma wins over Sampdoria by three to zero!22:23

  • 90'+2'

    Ntanda's header from Depaoli's cross went wide22:22

  • 90'

    Three minutes of stoppage time22:20

  • 85'

    Bernabé also leaves, and Cyprian enters. The changes ended in Bequia's favour22:14

  • 85'

    Fourth change in Parma: Partebello instead of Manchester22:14

  • 83'

    Ntanda! Chichizola challenges again by clearing a cross from the right22:13

  • 82'

    Charpentier wastes everything when he steals the ball and flies towards goal untroubled, but Gilardi regroups thanks to the Frenchman's poor control.22:12

  • 81'

    Deboli! A strong shot was blocked by Chichizola and he sent it into the corner22:10

  • 78'

    Yellow card for Chichizola22:08

  • 77'

    Fourth substitution for Sampdoria, with young Ntanda replacing Di Luca22:07

  • 75'

    The third substitution in the Parma match, with Hernani replacing Sohum22:04

  • 74'

    Ferry was booked and fouled Burnaby from behind22:03

  • 69'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Parma 0-3! Estevez scores! Charpentier shoots a good ball down the right flank and passes it to Estevez, who catches Stankovic first off the clock and scores the third goal of the evening!

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  • 69'

    Slower pace in this second half, Parma tries to manage the advantage21:58

  • 67'

    Charpentier also enters the field and Bonnie comes out21:58

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  • 67'

    Benedyczak comes to replace Mihaila21:56

  • 66'

    Parma are also preparing to make a double change21:56

  • 61'

    Alvarez made his debut for the Blue Cerciati shirt, and Stojanovic made way for him21:51

  • 61'

    Moro also comes out and Barika enters21:50

  • 60'

    Sampdoria is ready for three changes: Eskildsen takes over for Ricci21:50

  • 59'

    Mane drops down the right flank, Bony's cross is blocked and the finish is blocked by Sohm, who lurks at the far post, his shot blocked by Giordano.21:49

  • 56'

    This time, Depaoli takes advantage of Ferri's suggestion, but the goal is completely wrong21:46

  • 54'

    Di Luca takes over for DePaoli, who misses his appointment with the ball21:44

  • 48'

    Samp opportunity! Cross from Ferry, hit the ball, hit the ball and approached the goal, but Chichizola reacted to turn it into the corner!21:38

  • 46'

    Let's start again!21:36

  • VAR's review of the foul committed by Facundo Gonzalez was quite lengthy, as he was guilty of deflecting a Bernabe shot from the edge of the penalty area first with his shoulder and then with his hand (whose position was deemed inappropriate).21:24

  • Beccia's side ended the first half with a double lead, initially being struggled with by a very aggressive Sampdoria side. The Emilians eventually woke up with the (disputed) penalty awarded by Feliciani after a VAR warning for a handball by Gonzalez and converted by Mann, who a few minutes later sent the ball to Mihaela for the double.21:23

  • 45'+4'

    The end of the first half! Parma took the lead at the end of the first half21:20

  • 45'

    Three minutes of stoppage time21:18

  • 44'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Parma 0-2! Mihaela's goal! An immediate double from the visitors, who produced a beautiful move that culminated in a low cross from Mann that Mihaela slotted home! A deadly double from Parma!

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    Valentin MihaelaValentin Mihaela
  • 41'

    Goal! Sampdoria – Parma 0-1! Goal from a man with a cross from 11 meters and beats Stankovic, who touches the ball but is unable to avoid the goal!

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    Dennis MannDennis Mann
  • 40'

    Penalty kick for Parma! After a long review, Feliciani awards the penalty kick due to Gonzalez's handball!21:11

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  • 39'

    Feliciani in VAR! A possible penalty kick for Parma due to an alleged handball from Gonzalez!21:09

  • 36'

    Gilardi closes out Bonnie, another round upon flag of Emilians21:06

  • 34'

    With a throw to Mihaela, who went down in front of Stankovic after making contact with Stojanovic, Feliciani made it clear with broad gestures that there had been no foul.21:05

  • 30'

    Parma chance! The man takes control of the situation, receives from the right flank, approaches, and fires a toxic shot with his left foot that ends up wide of the goal defended by Stankovic!21:01

  • 26'

    The visitors now insisted, with a cross from Di Chiara from the left to Bony, who threw himself on the ball, leading to a deflection from Gonzalez, who put it in for a corner kick.20:57

  • 23'

    After a difficult first half of the match, Parma tried to increase their pressure20:54

  • 19'

    man! Parma tries to respond with a left-footed shot from inside the area by the yellow and blue player No. 98. He is subjected to a corner kick!20:51

  • 17'

    Very! A bouncing ball with the left foot from the edge of the penalty area, the ball passed just over the crossbar! 20:48

  • 14'

    Sampdoria again! Ferri, sent again by Di Luca, with his back to goal tries to turn on the edge of the small area, finding the second opponent within a minute from Cecchisola!20:45

  • 13'

    Sampdoria chance! Di Luca prefers a pass from Depaoli, who shoots a diagonal ball with his right foot and clashes with Cecchisola, who does a good job of blocking the former Verona player's shot!20:44

  • 12'

    A harsh but regular closing by Stojanovic who blocks Mihaela's path, for Feliciani it is just a goal kick20:42

  • 7'

    Excellent clearance from Stankovic of Mihaela's close shot, but Feliciani recognizes the Parma winger's offside position20:38

  • 7'

    Depaoli and Stojanovic exchange the ball, but the latter's cross is too wide and ends wide20:37

  • 4'

    Sampdoria attacks, Ricci's cross to the far post is well monitored by Emilian's defense20:35

  • 2'

    A strong move from Bony on the left side, but his cross attempt was blocked20:33

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  • Starting! Let's get started, Sampdoria's first possession!20:31

  • The participating teams at Marassi Stadium enter the field moments before the start of the match20:28

  • Beccia selections: Parma find Bony at centre-forward, confirm Mane and Mihila on the outside with Bernabei as attacking midfielder. Sohum and Estevez in midfield, Cercate settles at the back for Osorio, who will team up with Balogh.19:53

  • Pirlo's choices: Brescia coach pushes De Luca into the center of the attack, supported by Ferri and Ricci. In midfield, due to the emergency, Depaoli has been adapted as a midfielder alongside Yepes and Giordano, while in defence, in front of Stankovic, Gilardi and Gonzalez will play in the middle with Moro and Stojanovic in the outer lanes.20:31

  • Parma official lineup: The visitors respond with a 4-2-3-1 formation: Cecchisola – Delprato, Balogh, Osorio, Di Chiara – Sohm, Esteve -; Man, Bernabé, Mihaela-Boni.19:48

  • Sampdoria official lineup: Blucheriati lineup with a 4-3-2-1 formation: Stankovic – Stojanovic, Gilardi, Gonzalez, Murr -; Depaoli, Yepes, Giordano – Ricci, Ferri – Di Luca19:48

  • Ermanno Feliciani from Teramo took charge of the match with the help of assistants Costanzo and Di Monte and fourth official Cresini. Abbatista and Luongo will work out of Farr's room at Lissoni17:52

  • After a complicated start to the season, Andrea Pirlo was able to raise the head of his Sampdoria team, which is now experiencing a moment of disfigurement with two defeats and a draw in the last three matches. The Blucerchiati currently sit in 13th place in the table, five points away from the play-offs zone but only three points above the qualifying zone.17:50

  • League leader Parma resumes its start from Marassi to strengthen its lead in the standings and continue its series of seven consecutive beneficial results. After losing to Lecco on November 12, the Pescia team achieved four draws and three wins, bringing the total to 13 points.17:47

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the Sampdoria and Parma match, as part of the 21st day of the Italian League Second Division Championship!17:44

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Luigi Ferraris
    City: Genoa
    Capacity: 36,685 spectators17:44

    Luigi FerrarisLuigi FerrarisFonti: Getty Images
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