Debut with Italy defeat. 0-3 in favor of Argentina for De Secco –

Debut with Italy defeat.  0-3 in favor of Argentina for De Secco –

Italy – Argentina 0-3 (22-25, 23-25, 18-25)
Italy: Porro 1, Recine 5, Cortesia 4, Romanò 13, Rinaldi 6, Mosca 8, Balaso (L), Falaschi 0, Gironi 1, Sanguinetti 0, Bottolo 3. Ne Federici (L), Gardini 0, Vitelli 0. All DeGiorgi.
Argentina: Palonski 12, loser 6, Lima 17, De Sico 1, Vicentine 12, Zerba 1, Danani (left), Gallego 2, Sanchez 0, Martinez 0. Ne Zelaita (left), Armoa 0, Kukartsev 1, Ramos 0. everyone.
Referees: Macías Luis Gerardo (Mexico), Vladimir Simonovic (Switzerland)
Scheduled time: 11 p.m., 10 p.m., 10 p.m.
Attacks: 37-41
Walls: 3-8
Aces: 2-4
Wrong jokes 13 Italy 17 Argentina
Opponent errors 21 Argentina and 22 Italy

Preliminary courses
Italy: Mosca, Romano, Rinaldi, Cortesia, Boro, Recine; Palasus (L)
Argentina: Balonski, Loser, Lima B, Vicentine, Zerba, De Sico; Danani (L)

Ottawa (Canada) – Young Italy lack conviction and potency in their seasonal debut in the Volleyball Nations League against a more determined and accurate Argentina, 268 days after winning the World Cup in Poland.

At the end of a not very pretty match, the Azzurri lost 0-3 with the Biancoceleste led by the usually concrete De Cecco. Two sets battled for three-quarters and then sold out in the final rush, the defeat of the third set also angered the coach, who in one of the last times the Blues appealed to comply.

Among the blues on the field leeks And Rinaldi From the start, the juniors competed in an international event with the senior national team jersey, also dummies, which is also a newcomer. Romani’s 13 points stood out on the Italian scoreboard.

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Thursday evening, 10.30pm, the second challenge for Italy. There is the United States.

sex – In the first group, the Azzurri took to the field with the diagonal formed by Paolo Borro and Yuri Romano, in the middle Leandro Musca and Lorenzo Cortesia, hooks Francesco Resin and Tommaso Rinaldi, Fabio Palaso. And on the other side of the net diagonally Luciano Di Cecco with Bruno Lima and the center of the loser and Zerba and the players Balonsky and Vicentine and Tahrir Danani.

the match – Balanced start to the match, a mistake in Palonski’s attack puts Italy ahead 5-3. Romani holds two lengths advantage which puts the Azzurri up 9-7, and takes out Vicentine in attack for 10-7 in favor of Italy. Mendes calls a time-out to slow down the Azzurri who take it 12-8 with a block from Moscow. Recine scored the point to make it 14-9 after being fouled on offense. Lima shortens the distance, Argentina moves within one point of the Azzurri 18-17, the loser equals 18-18. Argentina lead 20-19 again with Lima. The blockade on Rinaldi makes Argentina advance 23-21 and closes the first set in its favour 25-22.

In the the second group De Giorgi sends the same 6 + 1 as the first to the field. Argentina started off strong right away, taking a 3-0 lead. Romanò tries to break the rhythm, it’s 4-5 points. Mosca’s defense, blocks from Romano bring the Azzurri back to level 7-7, the advantage comes with a header from Romano 9-8, Romano again in attack for 12-10. Rinaldi runs from Grade 2 through 11-14. Argentina maintained its Azorean counterpart and regained supremacy with a mistake in Rinaldi’s attack 17-16. De Giorgi sends Falaschi and Gironi into the field by changing the diameter. An error in Geroni’s serve handed the ball the first set to the Argentines 24-21, which was canceled out first by Rissen and then by Musca with a save. The loser will take care of closing the group 25-23 in favor of Argentina.

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In the The third group, which the Azzurri started with 6 + 1 from the first two sets, Argentina continue the way they went in the first two sets, maintaining a 5-4 advantage with Italy trying not to let De Cecco and his comrades get away. Lima knocks out the point 8-5 in favor of his team, Di Cecco continues his role in serving points, and Argentina leads 9-5. De Giorgi sends Sanguinetti onto the field for Cortesia and Bottol for Rinaldi. Argentina takes off and goes up 12-6. The third group in one way with Argentina grinding points, increasing its advantage to 14-8. Italy is trying to fight back, and Di Giorgi is looking for the right shock as time ticks down. Ace Resin shorts the lead to 17-13, and Roman scores it 17-14. Di Giorgi made a diagonal change, Valachi and Gironi on the field in the final set with Argentina leading 23-17. Vicentine closes the race 25-18 3-0 win over Italy.

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