Live Juventus vs Napoli 0-0: Follow the match broadcast live

Live Juventus vs Napoli 0-0: Follow the match broadcast live

Turin – New from elimination in the quarter-finals Champions League By Milan, the Neapolitan leaders Plunge back into the tournament. On the thirty-first day of the Italian Premier League Blues in Spalletti they visit Juventus Allegriqualified instead to the semi-finals of the Europa League and now thanks to 15 points were hers returned temporarily by the Coni Warranty Board. under the direct Match of the day (Sunday 23rd April, 8.45pm)…

10:03 p.m

60 ‘ – Inside the Church of Di Maria

In the jar of the hour is the sterile field of Naples. Allegri tries to overturn Juventus: Inside Keiza and Di Maria for Kostic and Meriti.


55′- Kvaratskhelia tries to solve it himself

Kvaratskhelia plays with great determination and once he finds room to finish, he tries twice: one saved in two runs by Szczesny, the other wide.


50′ – A solid start for Juventus

Juventus returned to the field with the desire to put Napoli in difficulty immediately.


46′ – The second half begins!

Jump into the second half between Juventus and Napoli! There are no changes to the views yet.


45′ + 2′- 0-0 at the break

The first half ends after two minutes of extra time set by Mr. Fabry. Juventus and Napoli remain at 0-0 comfort


40′ – Yellow card for Rabiot

The second yellow card in Juventus, Rabiot takes the ball and legs decisively enter Anguissa. For Mr. Fabry’s intervention of yellow.


35 ‘- problems Kfaratskhelia

Very little was played: Kvaratskhelia lay on the floor for a long time, hit by a slap from Gatti at ear level. Referee Fabbri explained that he had seen it all and let him go. (read all)


30′ – the match is triggered again

Juventus builds two potential chances with a cross from Rabiot and an initiative from Kostic, who, however, fails to move Milik. Osimhen’s conclusion hung on the facial reflection.

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25′- The unbelievable stages of the game

Compared to the promising start, the match has settled down to the canons of attention. First yellow card of the match: It’s for Juventus player Locatelli, who plays with great enthusiasm, even too much.


20 ‘- the speed drops

Now it was Napoli who dribbled in the Juventus half, slowing the pace of the match.


15 ‘- vital stage

Juventus mustered up the courage and with Locatelli, this time with a header, still doubted Meret, but as soon as he leaves space he takes a huge risk in bringing Napoli back.


11′ – Cuadrado comes close to scoring!

Juventus were on fire with Cuadrado trying to surprise Meret on the outside and finding an opponent from the blue keeper.


10′ – Good moment for Napoli

Spalletti’s team is pressing Juventus, who are unable to get out.


5′- Balanced start

Juventus starts with personality, bringing men into the Napoli midfield, which is already growing.

8.45 p.m

1 ‘Fabry Whistles Go!

Starting Mr. Fabry! Go to Juventus – Napoli! The first ball moved by Juventus.


Caused before the match

The decibels rise in the stadium, and the preliminary match that will accompany the entrance to the stadium has begun.

8:30 p.m

Scanavino: “satisfied with the sentence”

Maurice ScanavinoJuventus CEO comments on the ruling:We are very satisfied, and hope we won’t have any more surprises in the future. Now we have to wait for the reasons why the judges made this decision and there will be more clarity if there are other penalty points“.

8:20 p.m

During the warm-up, she sings against Napoli

During the warm-up on the pitch, chants against Napoli curved from Juventus after obtaining a suspended sector exclusion.


Teams on the field to warm up

It’s time to warm up before the match. The first team to take to the field is Napoli. Then Juventus time comes and lights up the stadium.

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Official profiles

Juventus (3-5-2) – Szczecin. Cats, Rugani, Danilo; Cuadrado, Meriti, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostec; Sully, Melek. everyone.: cheerful.

Napoli (4-3-3) – Merritt. DiLorenzo, Kim; Juan Jesus, Oliveira; Anguissa, Lobotka, Ndombele; Lozano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. everyone.: Spalletti.


Whistles and cheers upon the arrival of Naples

A completely different welcome for the Napoli bus as it arrives at the stadium.


come alive

The teams were welcomed by the crowd and reached the stadium, and now the final stage of preparations for the match begins. The enthusiasm of the Juventus coach.


Team buses are coming

It was the long wait for the fans behind the barriers to welcome the coaches of the two teams, and the arrival of Juventus and Napoli to the stadium.


The doors are closed

Juventus (17) and Napoli (15) are two of the four teams to score more clean sheets in the top five European competitions of 2022/23, ahead of Barcelona (22) and Lazio (18).

7:00 pm

primate vs

Juventus is the team with the most points in its home matches in Serie A (36 in 15 matches), Napoli is the team with the most away matches (40 in 15 matches).

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The importance of fixed balls

Tonight’s match is also the match between the two teams that have scored the most goals from set-piece developments in Serie A 2022/23: Napoli (22) and Juventus (19). More specifically, Napoli (15) and Juventus (10) are also the two teams that have scored the most goals from corner kicks in the current tournament.


There are also many Napoli fans

There are also many Napoli fans who spend their lives waiting quietly outside the stadium. They came from all over northern Italy, but also from Switzerland and Germany.


A ‘surrey factor’ to spice things up

Lazio’s unexpected defeat at home to Torino added new meaning to tonight’s game. And if this is just a chance for Juventus to take second place, then for Napoli it is an assist from Sarri to close the Scudetto letter. By beating the Bianconeri tonight and then Salernitana, Spalletti’s side can celebrate early next Sunday, should Lazio not succeed at Inter. Accounts closed on April 30th.


Hundreds to welcome the Juve coach

Hundreds of Juventus fans have already taken their positions behind the barriers for hours to sit in the front row as the team bus arrives. However, he will not arrive at the stadium before 7 p.m.


There are also the flags of Naples Campione

6 pm

Stadium lights, there’s Juventus-Napoli

The postponement of Matchday 31 takes place on Sunday at the stadium between Juventus and Napoli, an endless rivalry that has been enriched in recent weeks with new ideas. Great enthusiasm off the field even though we still have three hours.

Turin – Juventus Stadium

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