Show to celebrate Saloon del Mobile

Show to celebrate Saloon del Mobile

Milan, April 23, 2023 – An evening of art and music to Celebrate the 61st edition of the Furniture Show with performance Tanany and Francesca Michelin In Alderaan at the Museum of Science and Technology.

This year, for the third year in a row, Federlegno arredo vventi entrusted to LaTarma Entertainment, in association with Live Nation. Light was the focus of the event And the common thread that united the musical performance, the site and the theatre, with particular plays of light and luminous installations that made the halls of the Museum more spectacular, immersing the Renaissance atmosphere of the place in the contemporary world.

In the first monastery, participants were able to immerse themselves ininstallation of reflective lights on mirrors; while the second with A path of LED lights tells of more pop and soul Introduce the audience to the viewing area.

After the greetings of Maria Boro, President of the Furniture Gallery and President of Federlegno arredo Claudio Feltrin, the events took place Exclusives for Francesca Michelin, first, and Tanani, next. capable artists They talk and talk about the new generations. A precise artistic direction, confirming the ever-evolving path of a furniture fair that combines tradition and contemporary. In the multi-level modular stage framed between trees and history, featuring vertical luminous elements that created a modern and dynamic light show, enhancing the geometry of the stage and the geometry of the venue, proposed by Tananay and Francesca Michelinor two specials, Full of surprises and new moments.

musical show

Francesca Michelin He recovered ten years of his career, He proposes with his band Occhi Grandi Grandi, Vulcano, Cheyenne and I Don’t Live by the Sea and we close the set with a piano and vocal version of What’s Not There Yet, extracted from his unreleased latest album for Cani Sciolti. Francesca also gave a preview of “Disco Dance”, the new song by Giannamara feat. Francesca Michielin which will be released on April 28th.

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Tanani brought to the stage Tango, a piece presented at the Sanremo Festival and double platinum certification; Together Esagerata and Abissale, casual sex and the damned child, alternating electronic moments with others more vocal and intimate.

Together, before Francesca gave the stage to Tananay, they did The audience was stunned by an unexpected duet On the notes of Francesco Di Gregory the football arm of the year 68. The evening was also enriched by a DJ show before and after the show presented by Alexandre Rea, completing the artistic and musical journey

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